Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Finds: Irish Eyes Are Smiling

I love paranormal romance, but make the setting Irish and give the heroine or hero a psychic gift and I'm a happy camper. The mystic cove books by Tricia O'Malley are reading crack, seriously. I try to slow down and savor the words, but who am I kidding, I glom and gulp it down like a speed reader. lol.

Now you can give it a try for only .99¢, but better hurry, the sale ends March 29th.
Wild Irish Eyes
Tricia O’Malley

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Only .99¢ until March 29th.

Oh, to stop the voices in her head.

Other people's voices, that is. As a pub owner with an extra special gift, all Cait Gallagher craves is a moment of silence. That, and to own the building her pub is housed in along with the heart of the building's landlord, Shane MacAuliffe. Though she is irresistibly drawn to Shane, her vulnerabilities cause her to put up a tough exterior. When the two butt heads, more than sparks fly, and Cait finds herself trembling on the precipice of love.

Shane has watched Cait for years. Stubborn, beautiful, and with a trim body that he is dying to get his hands on, Cait is it for him. And yet, she continues to infuriate him by walking away from his kiss. Every time. At his wits' end, Shane doesn't know what to do to make Cait his own.

Unapologetic and fiercely proud, Cait must conquer her insecurities and reveal her true self to Shane or face losing everything.

New York Times Bestselling author, Tricia O'Malley, brings you a new romance series set on the rocky shores of Ireland.


Learn more about Tricia and her books at her website:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cuban Coffee Lover

Writers and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly.

It's a fact that most of us need that slight buzz to get through our day and keep us writing into the night. So when I find a coffee that boosts my clarity (something I desperately need these days), I have to tell my friends.

I bought Bear (my hubby) one of those dual coffee makers that uses both the K-cups and also brews a mean traditional cup of joe. He likes a smooth medium roast, and I like a light roast (Starbucks Veranda blend is usually my favorite go-to java), but I now have a new favorite: Cafe Bustelo. It's a strong medium roast Cuban Colombiano espresso available now in those K-cups. Ohmigawd - this stuff is "wake up your lazy butt" type of coffee and I love it.

It reminds me of the coffee I used to drink years ago when I lived in Tampa. A friend and I discovered this awesome little cafe with the best coffee ever. The place was owed by a husband and wife who escaped Cuba back in the early sixties, and brought all the amazing Cuban treats with them, including the coffee. It's where I first discovered the Cuban sandwich (seriously delicious!) and the rich aroma and taste of Cuban espresso. I'm sure the place is probably long gone now, but I can still enjoy a cup of Cafe Bustelo and close my eyes, and it's like I'm transported back in time.

If you have heart issues or cannot handle the caffeine punch of Cuban Colombiano coffee, then walk away...but if you like the small boost, this coffee may be for you. Yum!

Amazon carries the coffee here:
Some groceries may also carry it, but you may have to check around to see if it's available in your area.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Finds: PNR Love

On this special edition of Friday Finds—Friday the 13th, I offer up some meaty deals on PNR ebooks you gotta try. Rawr...just sayin'.

The ebooks in this section are only .99¢, but grab them now, because some of the sales are for a limited time only!

The Mystic Wolves: Volume One Box Set By Belinda Boring

In this four book box set, fall in love with Mason and Darcy as they face challenges head on--both as a couple and as leaders of the Mystic Wolves Pack. You'll find The Mystic Wolves, Forget Me Not, and Testing Fate, along with the BONUS novella, A Very Mystic Christmas (an assortment of memories and recipes.)


 A Cursed Bloodline By Cecy Robson

Since being cursed with unique abilities, Celia Wird and her three sisters have fought the most bloodthirsty preternaturals in the Lake Tahoe region. But Celia’s greatest threat is someone she would have never suspected: Anara, a werewolf Elder who has allowed his hatred for Celia to spiral out of control. In a play for dominance, Anara tortures Celia and gives her an ultimatum: sever her mate bond with pureblood were Aric—or Anara will kill everyone she loves.

From the instant they met, Celia and Aric have shared an attraction that cannot be tamed. So keeping Aric away is impossible, and Aric would sooner die than allow anyone to hurt the woman he loves. Misha, master vampire and Celia’s sworn protector, also finds his way into the chaos, seeking blood from those who have harmed her.

Now Celia and her sisters are caught in the middle of a war driven by lust, fueled by hatred, and destined to end in tragedy. For Anara is a force to be reckoned with, and he will not succumb without robbing Celia of those who hold her heart.


The ebooks in this section are FREE, but grab them now, because some of the sales are for a limited time only!

The Cajun's Captive by Selena Blake

Sebastian Deveraux is the Alpha of his pack and like all the Deveraux men, he’s sexy as pure sin. He’s waited for decades for just the right woman. For his mate. And ten years ago he’d been sure he’d found her in Amanda St. James. But she’d run from him.
Now she’s back. He’ll do anything to keep her. Even if it means tying her to his bed.
Warning: Contains one sinfully seductive Cajun werewolf with plenty of pent up sexual tension, a little light bondage, and a love that will last a lifetime.
Stormy Weather - Book 1
Nook: coming soon!

An Immortal Valentine's Day (The Immortals Book 5) by Monica La Porta

Once a playboy, Alexander Drako is now the happy father of three and eager to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special party held on Friday night to accommodate his nocturnal vampire friends. Everything is ready except for a small detail. Alexander has forgotten to buy the roses and orchids for his beloved Ravenna. Unable to disappoint her, and accompanied by his loyal friends, Marcus and Samuel, he sets out for Wolf’s Haven, a rehab center for paranormals, hoping to find some flowers left for sale in their greenhouse.

After a honeymoon around the world that lasted half a year, Peter and Ophelia have just landed back in Rome. While he would like to relax in their apartment, Ophelia is eager to see her friends. Most of all, she can’t wait to hug Quintilius, her adoptive father.
Ophelia’s call reaches Quintilius at Wolf’s Haven, where he’s volunteering, and he rejoices at finally seeing her again. However, he isn’t thrilled to see Peter, the man who stole the heart of his little princess. A sudden crisis at the rehab center forces Quintilius to focus his thoughts and energies on looking for Luisa, a girl who’s run away with a dangerous gang member.
By fate’s design, all the friends have reunited at Wolf’s Haven and agreed to help Quintilius in his quest. Will they be able to save the girl and return to their loved ones in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Shiftless by Aimee Easterling 

PMS is no fun for werewolves.

Forget the full moon, female werewolves shift uncontrollably at that time of the month. But after years of practice, teenaged Terra learns to squash her wolf, which allows her to flee the repressive village where she grew up.

A decade later, the packless ache gnaws at her insides. But when Terra is ambushed by her father and half a dozen of his henchmen, she still struggles against being reeled back into her old life. Chief Wilder is adamant, yet he does offer one way out --- hunt down her nephew Keith, teach him to shift, and bring the youngster back into the fold in her place.

Problem upon problem piles up as Terra strives to do her father's bidding. The female shifter has hidden from her wolf for so long that she finds herself unable to change back into canine form, and she also realizes that her nephew is too good-natured to survive for a minute walking in his grandfather's footsteps. Will Terra be able to relearn her werewolf abilities --- and overcome her morals --- before her father steals away her hard-earned independence?

Shiftless is the first novel in the Wolf Rampant series, which continues with Pack Princess.


Monday, February 9, 2015

CeCe's Birthday Bash Next Week!

This year I decided to host my birthday party on Facebook. So mark your calendars for Monday, Feb. 16th, 7pm est and join me for fun and games, door prizes, and virtual wet bar! :D

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Superhero Sunday Double Feature with R.G. Alexander

Very excited to share that my friend R.G. Alexander has not one, but two stories out this weekend! Revised and extensively expanded for your pleasure (and given some seriously sexy covers) 
Who Wants to Date a Superhero? and Who Needs Another Superhero?!

According to R.G., "It was truly a labor of love dusting off some of my first books and getting them back so I could make them twice as packed with super sexy times and adventure. I might also have a new hero in the works."  *G*

Get your copy today and spread the word 
Gaia City Superheroes are back to save the day!


R.G. Alexander

Gaia City. A place where technology is advanced, superheroes commonplace and the masses are addicted to Who Wants to Date a Superhero?, a reality show that lets women compete for the chance to win a date with one of Gaia’s Guardians.

Shy Cassie Tidwell never thought she’d be humiliating herself on live vid for the chance to have dinner with the mysterious Theta Wave, but she made a promise she would do anything to keep. Even if it means the man she’s secretly lusted after for months never wants to see her again.

Graham’s wanted Cassie from the moment he set eyes on her. He’d planned to go slow, but that plan fell apart the moment he discovered that the object of his obsession had mysteriously volunteered to be on the show. Now he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make her admit she’s his and discover her secrets.

Graham knows all about secrets. He has a few of his own.






R.G. Alexander

Return to Gaia City. Where there are way too many superheroes for Dayna’s peace of mind. Life as the unofficial mascot for Gaia’s Guardians hasn’t been easy for the roving reporter. So maybe she overcompensates. Takes risks she shouldn’t.
 She needs to prove she can hang with the big boys. One in particular.

Stone Matthews has never regretted becoming a superhero. As Rock Hammer, he’s an invincible chick magnet who has yet to meet an obstacle he couldn’t smash or a woman he couldn’t charm. Except for his best friend’s little sister. Dayna used to be his biggest fan, but one mistake years ago changed their relationship forever. Her recklessness drives him crazy, her sharp tongue cuts deep, and her hot little body makes him want to lose control.

When she goes chasing yet another story that could be the death of her, Stone makes a decision. Since talking doesn’t work for them, he’ll use another form of communication to show her how perfect they would be together.

Rock will be too hard for her to resist.





About the author
R.G. Alexander (aka Rachel Grace) is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author who has written over 30 erotic paranormal, contemporary, sci-fi/fantasy books for multiple e-publishers and Berkley Heat. Both her personalities are represented by the Brown Literary Agency.

She is a founding member of The Smutketeers, an author formed group blog dedicated to promoting fantastic writers, readers and a positive view of female sexuality.

She has lived all over the United States, studied archaeology and mythology, been a nurse, a vocalist, and now a writer who dreams of vampires, witches and airship battles. RG feels lucky every day that she gets to share her stories with her readers, and she loves talking to them on twitter and FB. She is happily married to a man known affectionately as The Cookie—her best friend, research assistant, and the love of her life. Together they battle to tame the wild Rouxgaroux that has taken over their home.