Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Little Black Candle

When Mercury isn’t retrograde, but everything in your life is topsy-turvy, it’s time for a little candle magick to lighten the load. I’ve always believed that like calls to like, so when the negatives in life start weighing you down, watch out, because they also seem to grow. That’s when I take out of one my black candles and clear out the negative energy.

If you think black candles are used to cast dark spells, you need to take off your black nail polish dear, and get with the program. Black candles draw the negative and burn it away.

Since I make my own candles, I can put anything in them I want. To dispel negative energy, I like to use a little juniper and white sage oil. For added umph, I also burn dragon’s blood resin on a charcoal tablet in my small cauldron. Be careful not to inhale too much of the smoke, though.

When you are ready, light your black candle. Visualize the darkness surrounding you and see it absorbed into the flame of your black candle. Watch it burn and disperse into the wax, sealing it.

I think it’s interesting to watch as it burns, how the wax forms on the surface as it runs down the length of the candle. If it bubbles and hisses and spits wax down the side in heavy globs, you know you’ve been floating in a veritable sea of negative energy.

You can also disperse negative energy by doing a smudging using a wand made from bundled dried herbs, usually white sage and or betony.  Walk into each room including every dark corner and burn the wand. This is also called a smudge stick. You can use a feather fan to direct the smoke. Once again, make sure you don’t inhale too much, so keep the bundle in front of you and the smoke directed away and toward the empty room.

Wishing you a happy and negative-free home!

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