Sunday, October 21, 2012

This and That...

Wanted to remind my readers that the Love With A Dragon Contest ends tonight at midnight, so if you haven't left a comment and answered the question on my last blog post, you have today to do so, 'cause tomorrow I'll pull a name outta the mystical magickal witches hat. :-)

Also there is still some time to enter my Newsletter group P3 contest. To enter, simply join my newsletter group, set it for active membership (individual, digest, or special notices) and you're set.

For those readers of my blog who are also writers, I'm giving a workshop on November 3 in SL as part of the NaNoWriMo events in SL. The subject will be Plotting Scenes. I hope ya'll will check it out.

Friend and former MMC co-owner Cora Zane has a new ebook out. Part of her Silver Werekind series, Chasing Moonlight is Blaze and Shelby's story.

Blaze Logan can't figure out why Shelby keeps avoiding him, especially since he's sure the raven-haired beauty is his mate. When she breaks one date too many, he goes to her cabin to call her out, only to find her in the throes of a painful transformation.

Shelby's secret is out. Unable to control her inner wolf, she is at the mercy of the moon. Determined to help her gain control no matter what it takes, Blaze is going to have to act fast in order to help her. She’s chasing moonlight, and the full moon is only days away.

 Read an excerpt here:

I've been waiting for this one and gosh, just look at that cover!  Doesn't that hero look like he's related to the hunky blond acting Hemsworth brothers?

More fun and games, contests, sneak peeks and excerpts next week, plus winner announcements, so stop back by and say hi.


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