Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Finds: Unbidden by Jill Hughey

UNBIDDEN by Jill Hughey
Book One in the Evolution Series

When the emperor chooses a husband for Rochelle, she tries to drive her betrothed away, but by the time she realizes she might want to keep him, she has been too successful and other forces are dividing them as well.

A whirling romance in the enchanting world of Charlemagne’s Empire. Rochelle of Alda, a feisty Frank noblewoman, expects to continue her industrious life managing her family’s estate. When her emperor summons her to the palace to meet the skilled soldier she is required to marry, Rochelle engages in a battle for independence from David of Bavaria. As her own deceptions multiply, she suspects another of also plotting against their marriage. To her surprise, and too late, David’s passion and patience begin to win her heart. Can their love survive the tangled web of her schemes and the secret adversary David refuses to see?

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Jill Hughey has loved historical romance since sneaking peeks at her mother's library years ago. She has enjoyed writing just as long. She prides herself on deep character development, and settings that take her readers on long, satisfying journeys to places they have probably never been in a book before.

Jill lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. Her hobby is singing lessons, in which she studies classical soprano and some lighthearted works. Unbidden was her first published work, and the series has continued with Redeemed and Vain, plus the short story Second Love: A Short Historical Romance Story.

Jill Hughey blogs at, is on Facebook at, and tweets @jillhughey.


Jill Hughey said...

Thanks for featuring Unbidden her today! I welcome any questions or comments.

Cassandra said...

A friend of mine can't get her smart phone to play nice with Blogger, but wanted me to ask you what made you decide to set your story and characters during Charlemagne's reign?

Also she said to ask what kinds of research did you have to do for the book? Thanks, CeCe

Jill Hughey said...

I looked for a time period that hadn't been overly used in the genre but still had some of the elements that I love in historical romance, such as a strong societal structure. Just the name Charlemagne sounds romantic, doesn't it? (Technically the books are set in the reign of his son, Louis, but it is still Charlemagne's Empire, or the Carolingian Empire, which no one has ever heard of.) I also like romances with a little more grit than Regencies - a bit of a medieval slant - so the 830s seemed a good time to create characters who might have something weightier to worry about than their wardrobes. And, in the background, there were three civil wars in that decade to provide trouble for my aristocrats.

For research, I used "Daily Life in the Time of Charlemagne" by Pierre Riche, another book called "Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages" by Frances and Joseph Gies, and a large historical atlas. As time went on, of course, the internet became a more viable resource as well.

Thank you for passing those wonderful questions along!

Cassandra said...

Oh cool. I had no idea, Jill. Neat info. Passing this along and thank you so much for participating in the Friday Finds here on my blog.