Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Finds: Western Romance Round Up

Western romances are more popular than ever before. Tales of beefy hunks in cowboy hats, whether set in the old west, or more contemporary, fill the desire for wide open spaces, men of character who will love their chosen woman til the sun comes up and then some. If you dream of men with their spurs on, then check out these special priced romances...

Breed's Mail Order Bride
Cia Leah

Genre: Sweet, western romance short story.

Breed Morgan didn't want a bride, but his sister-in-law, Sissy Morgan, arranged for his mail order bride just like she promised his Pa she would. Being the man he was, when Breed read Susan Bradley's letters and the abuse she was living through at her uncle's hand after her father's death, he couldn't turn his back on her. Vowing he would marry her, but in name only, to protect her from her uncle and Benton Giles, he promised himself he would send her back home when all was settled.

Susan Bradley was thankful that Breed and his family helped her escape the nightmare she was living. She felt free for the first time since her father's death. When she met Breed, he took her breath away. He was strong and handsome, but refused to consumate their marriage, vowing to keep her safe until she could return home. The only problem with that was, she didn't want him to send her away, but wanted him to love her for the rest of her life.

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Caleb's Mail Order Bride

Cia Leah

Genre: Sweet, western short story.

Caleb Morgan couldn't believe he had a mail order bride. She was beautiful and quiet too. He just hoped she would be happy with him. He was his own man and wouldn't let any woman disrupt his life, but his Pa wasn't in good health and wanted a grandchild. He felt it his duty to make his Pa as happy as he could for what time he had left. Little did Caleb realize that Sissy Drake would rope his heart on their wedding night despite his reservations.

Sissy Drake had no choice but to become a mail order bride. Her Pa was dead for a year when her aunt passed too, taking away her home with no other options available to her. When she met Caleb, she found him to be domineering and gruff, but she was determined to tame him and be the wife he needed.

Little did both of them know that her brother, Lawson, followed Sissy to Caleb's ranch determined to find the stagecoach money their Pa hid. He had an old score to settle with Caleb too and wouldn't let anything stand in his way.

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Cole's Mail Order Bride
Cia Leah

Genre: Sweet western romance, novelette length.

Cole Gentry knew when his grandma got an idea in her head, there was no getting around it. She was determined he have a mail order bride. Before he even got used to the idea of one, she told him his bride would be arriving on the train the very next day. To complicate matters, his mail order bride was bringing an orphan with her. It seemed he was going to have a wife and a son at the same time. Being the man he was, Cole was determined to make Bradley's and Elsa's Christmas one to remember no matter how things turned out between them.

Elsa Goodman lived her life at the orphanage where she was left at the age of two. She dreamed of a home, husband, and family. When she decided to become a mail order bride, she knew she couldn't leave Bradley behind and was thankful Cole's grandmother arranged for Elsa to bring Bradley with her, with the promise that Cole would adopt him when they married. She was apprehensive about how things would turn out between her and Cole, but at this magical time of the year, her heart held hope for the future.

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