Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Finds: Rainy Day Reading

I remember stomping my booted little foot in mud puddles as a child, splashing dirty water everywhere and squealing in sheer delight, closing my eyes and feeling the rain in every pore of my being. Take in a deep breath and you can smell the fresh ozone scented air after a good rain. My mum would scowl at the mess I made, my dad laughing and shaking his head at my antics. I've always loved a rainy day, and even though I don't stomp in puddles anymore (okay, maybe one more), I still enjoy the sensation of standing with my arms spread wide, as if to embrace the heavens, and feel so alive and connected to nature while droplets of rain roll down my face. Mum would say April showers bring May flowers. And oh boy, did I love flowers! Of course, too much of a good thing can turn bad fast, thus the 'saying' Rain Rain Go Away and Come Back Another Day.

I'm more likely to curl up on the sofa when it rains these days and grab my Nook. Whether it's raining where you are, or even if it's not, here are some ebooks and authors you might enjoy.

If you like sexy and rugged alpha heroes, and adore a man in (or out of) uniform, this boxed set of contemporary romances may just be the thing to whet your appetite.

Ultimate SEAL Collection
By Sharon Hamilton

Genre: Contemporary Romance Boxed Set

Only .99¢ (sale ends 4/12/14)

Four full-length award-winning novels and two novellas by NYTimes and USA Today Bestselling author Sharon Hamilton. Boxed set includes the first four of the SEAL Brotherhood Series and the two accompanying prequels, as follows (listed in order): SEAL Encounter (prequel to Accidental SEAL), Accidental SEAL Book 1, SEAL Endeavor (prequel to Fallen SEAL Legacy), Fallen SEAL Legacy Book 2, SEAL Under Covers, SEAL The Deal.



Are your favorite heroes at home in a kilt? In the mood to be swept back in time? This ebook may be your ticket to ride.

Love Beyond Time 
By Bethany Claire

Genre: Historical/Time-Travel Romance

Only .99¢ for a limited time—so hurry now!

Book 1 of Morna's Legacy Series

It began nearly four hundred years ago.

The Conall clan and all their people were murdered in a surprise attack, their beloved castle and all evidence of who destroyed them burned to the ground with their bodies. In the centuries following, archaeologists searched through the ruins looking for any evidence of what or who had caused the untimely demise of such a powerful Scottish clan. All efforts were fruitless, until a spell put in place by an ancient Conall ancestor finally began to work its magic...

Texas Kindergarten teacher, Brielle Montgomery finds comfort in the mundane routines of her life but when her archaeologist mother asks her to accompany her on a dig in Scotland, she decides to step out of her comfort zone. Once in Scotland, they discover a secret spell room below the castle ruins and Bri finds herself transported back in time and suddenly married to the castle's ill-fated Laird. Now, she must work to change the fate of his people, all while trying to find a way to return to her home and century. But with each passing day, Bri finds herself falling more deeply in love with her new husband. If she can find a spell to bring her home, will she use it? And if she stays, will it ultimately mean her own death as well?




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