Saturday, April 4, 2009

For The Birds...

I can hear birds chirping madly outside my window.

I have to go investigate, so I push away from my table and take a peek and find that several birds are flocked around the bird feeder and the bigger ones are chasing the smaller ones away. I guess like the bird version of schoolyard bullying. I open the window and they all fly away.

Quiet remains, so I go back to my computer and rewrite a scene to layer in more description. I’m almost finished when I hear the first tweet. Then another. Soon, a veritable feathered orchestra descends on my window.

I swivel to check it out and the birds are pressed against my screen. I see that the bird feeder is almost empty and the bigger birds are guarding it for themselves, hogging the seed trough. Oh my.
I guess the smaller birds are squealing on their kindred. :P

If I am to get any further writing done this morning, I’m going to need more seed. I grab the bucket and go outside. The minute the door opens most of the birds fly away. A few brave souls watch as I refill the bird feeder and also scatter some of the seed on the ground near the Holly bush by my window. The second I go back inside my home, I hear the flapping of wings.

I manage to finish the scene and the chapter. Yay me.

Now, I could have simply put on my headphones and drowned out the little blighters, but nope, I fed them and gave in to their demands. Basically, the little squirts have me good and trained. And people call them bird-brains. rofl.

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