Monday, January 17, 2011

Snafu City Monday


Situation Normal All Fucked Up.

Monday has become my day to clear and resolve snafu it seems. Whether it's my own or a family members. The latest revolves around my late mum's early Yule and Christmas gifts to the family. I honestly did the best I could, but my sister still hasn't gotten her last gift from my mum. The item mum picked out for her apparently was out of stock and put on back order. This was back in October/November a couple of weeks before she passed away. I asked her what I should do?

She told me that sis and her hubby wouldn't be coming to visit until Thanksgiving at the end of Nov. and surely the item would be in by then. Of course, given the situation and the turn of events, they came in earlier than planned, mum passed away, and then chaos ensued trying to work out all the logistics for all that followed. The last thing I cared about or thought of was my sister's last present from our mother. But after sis flew back home and Thanksgiving passed, then Yule and Christmas, I was like "Where the hell is my sister's present from mum?"

I called and was told it was still on back order but the estimated shipping time would be January 7. Now I get a mailer card from the company saying that the new shipping date is January 27. At this rate, if they keep adding time to the shipping date, she won't get the item until Mother's Day! Argh!

I called the company to complain, and they asked if I'd like to cancel the order. I had to sit here and explained about the circumstances and how important it is that my sister get the item. That it was hand-picked for my sister by our now deceased mother.

The guy in customer service said he understood, but their hands are tied by the distributor and the manufacturer. I said I did understand (barely).

I mean I could have raised two freakin' sheep, had them 'get it on' and had a litter of lambies, shorn them, spun the fleece into wool, and knitted the f'ing thing by now! I mean, geeze.

So now we sit and wait and see if they actually send the damn cardigan or if they send another reply card telling me the shipping date has changed yet again.

Patience is a virtue I may lack. At least in this instance. Guess I better stop blogging and start watching for sheep. Ooh, spotted one! Here little lambiekins. You look like the same shade as that sweater...

Until next time~


Cora Zane said...

That sucks, hon. Seriously. Try to hang in there. I once ordered a bag from One Spirit and it took six months to get it. It was put on back order again and again. Finally, one day out of the blue, the bag showed up in my mailbox. I was overjoyed. LOL I hope the same happens for you. :*)

Cassandra said...

Thanks, Cora. I sure hope so. Getting tired of waiting and sis calling me every week to see if it came in. Not that I mind her calling, but that we even have to discuss the cardigan thing. Whew.

Mary said...

I have very little patience and when something I order gets put on back order and then gets cancelled after 2 months because the manufacturer decided to stop making it....that really upset me.

I can so understand your frustration with the way this is all going down, I hope they don't delay it again.