Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Typing One Handed

I used to be so good at multitasking. Not sure when it changed. All I do know is yesterday morning I decided to make a large pot of homemade vegetable soup. I also needed to get my vintage computer warmed up for timed writings I had planned in SL with Cora. In addition, I needed to finish laundry and a few other minor incidentals. No problema. I can handle a few measly chores while I wait for ye olde computer to calculate it's ones and zeroes.

But when you try to rush some things and multiply others, the universe usually sends you a little note saying, "Slow down nimrod. Or you'll hurt yourself." I didn't get the message, probably because I also had on my 'feel good' morning wake-up tunes blaring from my writing room. So yeah, I did some slice and dice and never with a knife. If you're gonna goof, why go for second measures? lol. I did my slicing with the ragged edge of a tin can that didn't want to cooperate with my can opener. Can you say, yowl? 'Cause I sure did! :P

I guess I'm simply trying to say (in my own round about nutty way) that while I'm still trying to complete my various stories, it's not as smooth or as fast when using one hand, your nose, and your right elbow. lol

If you get the chance and you're free tonight, stop by my book discussion and storytelling hour in SL. It should be fun since I'm on freakin' horse painkillers and saying all manner of funny shit. :P

Storytelling Event Tonight!
6-7pm SLT (Pacific); Excerpts from the book, Cup of Fate by Cassandra Curtis will be read, followed by a brief discussion with readers and fans.
Location: Elementals,


Estella said...

Hope you heal fast!

Cora Zane said...

Yay! The reading went very well. You did good, girl. ^_^

Cassandra said...

Thank you, I hope I do too, Estella. ((hugs))

Hey Cora, I think so too. Was really happy everyone seemed to join the book reading. :)