Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dreaming in Chocolate

Woke up this a.m. and first thing I do is start the coffee maker and then sit down to take my blood sugar. Being a diabetic, I'm always concerned about any spikes in my sugar levels. This morning it was the lowest it's been for a while, 102. The normal range is 80-120. I wasn't so low I was on the verge of fainting, but still 102 is low for me since I usually hug the 120 mark or higher, especially if I've been indulging in fast food.

Chocolate is usually a no-no, due to the sugar content, but I noticed something, an odd pattern in my levels. Every time I eat a couple of small pieces of dark chocolate, my sugar levels are lower the next day. What is up with that? Yesterday, I tested out my theory again, and today the glucose meter read 102. Go figure. Now, if it had been 170, I'd say the other times this happened, it was a fluke. But nope. So I'm looking at research online to see if there is any scientific validity to my personal findings.

If there is, then I may have to 'force' myself to eat dark chocolate every day. lol. Life is a hardship, but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. :D

Oh and I recently came up with a new 'lol' type thing. It's lwp. I hope it catches on. If anyone tags it correctly and knows what it means, post a comment here on my blog and I'll enter you into a contest for a free ebook from my backlist.
Your choice. (contest ends February 20 at midnight).

Until next time...
~ Cass


Mary said...

I didn't know you were diabetic...I ahve the exact opposite problem, I'm Hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). My blood sugar routinely goes down to 42 and I have to pop a glucose tablet or eat a little something more to bring it back up.

When it first started happening I would get so tired it was hard to wake me up and scared the bejuju's outta my hubby.

hmmm, lwp...
lwp= laughing while peeing
lwp= laughing without peeing

Cassandra said...

You got it sugar! It's totally laughing while peeing! heehee. This contest is now officially closed and Mary is the winner. Woot!

Mary said...

ahahahhaa, I totally made a guess at that one. Woohoo!