Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reviews both good, better...and ouch

Every author gets bad reviews now and then, just like we get rejections, the dreaded R's when we send out query letters, proposals, partials, and fulls (manuscript requests)*. It's a part of the business and eventually if you stick around long enough, you'll notice your skin gets a little thicker with every project you send out, every book you publish. Because not everyone will like what you write. Likewise, there will come times when you'll get a rave review or two and your grin will curve higher than the clouds. Savor those moments of pride and giddiness. Blog and tell your friends, post it on FB and Twitter. That way you can always go back and reread those little sugar cubes of happiness when the world drops out from under you when you get a truly snarky review.

Whether the bad review comes from an established review site or from a reader/reviewer/blogger, it still stings. The best thing you can do is shrug it off and keep writing. Remember, everyone has an opinion.

Until next time...
~ Cass

*who wrote this in response to a friend's recent R received on the same day she got a pummeling review of her last book. ((hugs))


Mary said...

Aw, dang. Rejection is never going to be easy no matter what.

Cora Zane said...

So very very true... Sorry about the friend's R, btw. :*(

Cassandra said...

Thanks. I'll pass the word along. ((hugs)) She's kind of despondent right now and mulling over whether to quit writing or not. It's a hard decision to make, and I think all of us get to this point at least once.