Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning as I go

Today is shaping up to be a day of learning by trial and error. What I've discovered is I need to spend about a year or two really learning my system software and invest in the right software tools to do what I need to do and learn to be proficient with them as well. Stringing things together and hoping they'll be okay isn't a permanent fix. It's more like 'Frankensteining' parts together and patching with duct tape. I am basically one giant ball of duct tape and so is everything in my house.

I'm just grateful I still have friends that put up with me. Seriously. I ask stupid questions because I am clueless when it comes to technology. Which is sad because once upon a time I was at the pinnacle of my knowledge, and I kept up with all the new gizmos and what they did and how they operated.  I took workshops so I stayed up to date. I could crawl under my own desk and hook up peripherals by God! I learned the term daisy chain and it wasn't a sexual reference! lol

The problem is that technology changes so rapidly, that if you don't have the time or the money, you fall behind and it's damn hard to catch up. That's what happened. Over ten years without a workshop, without the cash to upgrade my home computer or the software every six months or year since I got sick and lost my job, so I fell ten plus years behind. I once took pride in understanding what is now incomprehensible to me. So I am limping along, doing the best I can to dance and partake in this new world and it's cyber-environment, and feeling inadequate to the task.

Sure, I have made some strides. I mean, I'd never even heard of the term blog ten years ago, and now I've got a blog. I had no idea what Second Life was, ran into buildings, had no clue how to turn on my 'voice', couldn't adjust my own clothes (Had no clue how to take off my ugly camo-green bra and didn't realize it was part of the starter "skin", lol).

Today, I'm a member of many writer's groups and forums on the net and have my own website and blog—even a Facebook author page! But even more amazing, I can say I'm a published author with a straight face, and that my ebooks are out there for the world to see. I have to remember that and not my struggles with the new technology. I sometimes feel like a dinosaur, plodding through the mud, while swifter and smarter animals dance past with nary a look behind as they go beyond.

Ahh well, I suppose this is normal. Just me feeling older than dirt and about as bright as a mushroom growing in the dark. :P  Time for this old dinosaur to take a nap.

Until next time...


Mary said...

I so understand what you're saying. I don't have all the techie stuff that most people have. I don't have a cell phone, GPS for my car *Even though I don't even have a car right now...sigh* and I don't have an ereader or many of the new gadets that have come out recently. I am a dinosaur in a world of flying cars.

Cassandra said...

((hugs)) Yep. I still don't have a GPS, but I finally did get a cell phone about seven years ago. I can make calls on it and can answer it when it rings if I have it with me. But anything else it can do is a mystery. lol