Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heroine from NLS

Stacie Purcell, the heroine from my upcoming ebook Naughty Little Secrets isn't on the cover, so I wanted to post my own rendition of her courtesy of SL's wonderful hair, skin, shape, eyes, and clothing vendors.

The hairstyle I found is exactly how I pictured it, but the color is too yellowish bright for my character. I wish it had come in a color two shades lighter and less brassy. Still though, not bad. She's a green-eyed blond, in her mid-20's, taking creative writing classes at the local community college and working as a hair stylist at her sister's beauty salon in the fictional town of Rusdale, Tennessee. Yes, she's a southern girl and she's about to fall hard for the town's newest bad boy... *rubs hands together in wicked delight* oh yes, I do so love those bad boys. ;-)

NSL isn't paranormal, it's a straight up contemporary, much like my earlier ebook, Compulsion.

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