Saturday, April 7, 2012

What is your favorite Easter Candy?

My favs are the orange non-pareil mini eggs. They are hard to find, but the candy shop in the mall carries them around Easter time. Thank goodness they aren't year round or I'd be in trouble. lol. 

You Are Jelly Beans

For you, Easter is all about fun and sweet treats.


DawnM said...

Cadbury's creme eggs or milk chocolate buttons filled easter eggs. Yum!


Lauren Mackesy said...

I am also jelly beans. lol I love jelly beans and chocolate for Easter.
Lmackesy @

Z said...

I'm an Easter Egg. But I also love Jelly beans.
Thanks for the fun.
Seawitch Reviews @

Cassandra said...

I didn't like the Cadbury eggs when they first came out, but they won me over. Yummm!

Cassandra said...

I love those orange jellies (pictured above) best, but when dining on jelly beans, I prefer Jelly Belly. Nom nom nom. :D

Cassandra said...

You're welcome. Wishing you many Easter eggs and jelly beans this Easter. Have fun and enjoy!

Shadow said...

My favorite are the cadbury caramel eggs. Yum! And i really hate jelly beans. Yuck! lol Thank you! Happy Easter! Have a great day!

Tina B said...

Jelly Beans!! Or Reeses PB eggs.

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