Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hot New Cover Alert! Sparkle: A Tale of The Shimryn

Ya'll may want to step back from your computer screens, 'cause I'm so excited I just may pop! LOL

Received the cover art this morning for Sparkle, the sequel to my short story Shimmer. Created by the amazing talent of author/artist Delle Jacobs, notice who's on the cover...yep, romance cover hero Jimmy Thomas. I tells ya'll true, I think I'm gonna have me an old-fashioned swoon! :D

Sparkle is slated for release later this summer.


Linda Adams said...

Okay, I'm not normally a Jimmy Thomas fan, but I think the fact that it's a profile shot and the woman is just gorgous, the cover is really beautiful! Let me know when it comes out, I'm gonna snap up a copy for myself! ;)

Cassandra said...

Hi Linda! When I saw the woman on the cover, I thought to myself, she looks exactly how I envisioned Dixie. I simply love that pose, too. I will be happy to let you know when it comes out and I hope you enjoy the story. :-)

Toni Sue said...

The cover is awesome! Love the title, too. Can't wait for this one. :)