Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome Guest Blogger Author T. Sue VerSteeg

I want to personally welcome good friend and author T. Sue VerSteeg to When Midnight Comes and to The Midnight Moon Cafe! I love time travel romance and am thrilled to feature her book, Secrets of The Sapphires! The book will be in worldwide, multi-format release tomorrow! Woohoo!

Secrets of The Sapphires
by T. Sue VerSteeg

I’m back, baby!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a new book released. *cough*three-years*cough* I’d like to say I was busy visiting exotic lands and learning about new cultures. Not so much. I did get to spend my fifteenth wedding anniversary in Cancun, if that counts. Everyone at the resort spoke English, but I did learn how to order another shot of tequila in Spanish. My life is complete. (Insert sarcasm. Heck, just pepper it randomly through most of what I write and you should be good.)

So, what makes this book so special? Why are you being bothered with this blog post? The book has a lot of creatures that go bump in the night. Some good, some bad, but enough of them to keep you entertained. If that isn’t enough, never fear, I’m giving away some good stuff, too. I’ve got a $10.00 Barnes and Noble gift card (No, not Amazon. I want to help keep those brick and mortar buildings open for business!) and an e-book version of my new book up for grabs.

Here’s the official blurb:

Nia Brooks entered the CIA to get to the bottom of her parents’ deaths. Joining the Paranormal Division, she learns to fend for herself after dealing with prejudice, not to mention the vampires and shifters. Paired with an egotistical agent, the bloodsuckers and hairy boys don’t seem so bad.

Garrett Van Deren has his own agenda behind joining the CIA. When his dead partner’s body disappears without a trace, Garrett knows the vampire underground is responsible and the Paranormal Division offers him answers. He slams head first into a roadblock when he meets his new partner. A hundred pounds soaking wet, he’ll be babysitting instead of tracking down the killer.

Tossed back in time by a mysterious white sapphire, two headstrong agents must learn to trust one another while they search for a way back to the Twenty-First Century and the people responsible for the rift in time.

So, what’s your favorite creature of the night? Do you like them to be bad to the bone or redeemable? Dish with me!


Two prizes are up for grabs!

Leave a comment here and respond to T. Sue's question to win a $10.00 Barnes and Noble gift card.

Leave a comment at the Midnight Moon Cafe to win an ebook copy of T. Sue's new book!
Contest ends Monday, June 11, 2012 at noon!

Two ways to win! Good luck to all!*  

*Odds are dependent on number of entries. Must be 18+ to enter. Void where prohibited by law. B&N gift card contest applies to U.S. residents only. Ebook contest open worldwide except where prohibited by law.

About the author
T. Sue VerSteeg was born and raised in the southeast central region of Iowa in the small town of Grinnell. At the age of 21, she moved her parents and family to the beautiful Ozarks of Missouri where they have since made their homes. She has been blessed with the love of an adoring husband (who is also her soul mate), two wonderful children, the best sister in the world and truly amazing parents. Writing has always been a passion in her life as most family members and friends can attest. Long letters, journals and short stories can be found in nearly every drawer and filing cabinet in her home, along with manuscripts and research documents. Her most sincere wish is that you can find as much enjoyment in reading her stories as she did in the creation of them.


Wanda Kay said...

My favorite creature of the night has to be vampires. Something about a dark mysterious man sucking my neck gets to me

Calisa Rhose said...

I'm favorable to shape shifters of the wolf variety. Hm, are they creatures of the night? Congrats, T. Sue!

Anonymous said...

I do love a good nip to the neck ;)

Anonymous said...

They tend to howl at the moon and are active at night. Works for me :) Thanks for the congrats!

Cassandra said...

Thank you so much for being my guest here at When Midnight Comes and at The Midnight Moon Cafe. Love your stories!

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for having me here!

Mary said...

I like the vamps and a redeemable vamp is better than one that just wants to rip your head off and suck the marrow from your

Anonymous said...

O.o I'm gonna have to agree with you on that one, Mary!

Linda Adams said...

I personally favor ghosts, something about the haunted, tragic aspect of their coming into being makes me absolutely tingly! :D

Great blurb by the way!

Cassandra said...

Ooh, I love ghosts too!

Anonymous said...

There are a few ghosts in this one. Nothing major until the next book in this series though. ;)

Debby said...

My favorite creature is a shifter of the cat variety. I do like them to be redeemable
debby236 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I've not written a cat shifter yet. I guess I need to get on it then, eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

I think cat shifters are on the rise. I know I love a good cat tale. ;) Plus, this is two or three times a gremlin has devoured my post! Perhaps that's the next thing to write about... I sure need a way to vaporize them! LOL ~Tru Night

Anonymous said...

So cat shifters eat gremlins? Good to know ;)

Cassandra said...

All I know is Gremlins eat boa constrictors. lol.

Anonymous said...

Contest is over, folks! I'll have Ms. Cassandra anounce the winner soon. :)