Wednesday, September 5, 2012

October Plans and Chillaxin' Mer-Style

I'm planning a wicked cool Paranormal Party this October and ya'll are invited. Most of the fun will be on my blog, on my Facebook, and on Twitter, but I'll also be at my good friends Eden Bradley, Crystal Jordan, and R.G. Alexander's Smutketeers website and blog (later this month or early next month). Also planning a hop to another friend, T. Sue Versteeg's blog. Lots in the works, so make sure and check back for updates.

Some of the Paranormal Party events this October will also be in Second Life for the fans and friends who follow me there. With that in mind, I've been hunting with my longtime friend and social media helper (gods knows I needed one, lol) for places willing to host various events next month in SL.

One of the things we have lined up so far is a free tarot reading event open to the public on a pirate sim in SL. More details on that later.

While scouting around SL for venues, I found this virtual gray tabby who followed me back to my merhome.

Since my place is 3/4 under the sea, I grabbed kitty so he wouldn't drown and hightailed it mer-style to the upper terrace above the water and sat kitty on my tarot table.

He seemed very interested in the cards, so I gave him a reading from my mermaid deck and my Rider-Waite. He seemed to enjoy getting his future read—probably because it involved cuttlefish and pink salmon treats. According to his reading, I think he's found a permanent home with me. lol

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