Saturday, September 29, 2012

Where's The Beefcake?

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to find creative commons, free photos of beefcake? I've been scouring the web, checking out what's available and ladies, I'm asking "Where's the Beefcake?" I'm gettin' desperate and even debated taking pics of my guy, but he nixed that pretty fast. lol.

Why, I'm even thinking of starting a site devoted to free beefcake for blog use only, something we can slap on our humpday hotties blog posts. Hmm, now all I need are a few handsome guys willing to show some skin for fame and glory across the romancelandia blogsphere. Any takers? No?

Then I'm forced to do this:

It's just not the same. ::sigh::

Hope you enjoy your weekend,
and that's no bull. :p


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