Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Compulsion Redux

This last month I've been rewriting and expanding a story I originally wrote several years ago. It was my very first contemporary erotic romance and admittedly, I've come a long way baby since the story was first published. Compulsion was also the shortest short story I ever wrote, clocking in at only 11k. I always hated that and wished I'd taken more time to flesh it out, but I was so entrenched in erotic paranormal, that I struggled with the little story and found myself sneaking in paranormal elements! lol Bad Cassie!

So once I removed all hints of ghosts, of vampires, or mermaidesque snippets, I was left with a raw 12K, which after trimming and tidying up left me with the 11k. I liked the story, but honestly couldn't wait to jump back into my next paranormal.

In retrospect, I realize now I wanted to challenge myself by seeing if I could even write contemporary. I didn't fail, but the experiment was a learning lesson and since then, I've learned even more. Then last year a reader emailed to ask me what happened after the story ended. I always envisioned the MCs (Jack and Lindsay) traveling the world together, before returning to their Colorado home and building a new business as a team.

Over the years, I also received emails asking about my secondary character, Lindsay's friend and Jack's personal assistant, Tegan. I decided then, if I ever got a chance to rewrite Compulsion, I'd include more info about Tegan and his own love story as part of a subplot.

I hope to unveil the new cover for Compulsion by the end of April and release my newly expanded version of the story this May.

I hope readers who bought the original story will check out the new version and reunite with all my characters.

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