Sunday, April 7, 2013

Virtual Mermaids

Odd as it may sound, there is something relaxing about real and virtual aquariums, even more than watching the fish, though, I love watching mermaids and mermaid ballet. It soothes some restless need I have, but since I don't live near Weeki Wachee Springs, I've discovered—virtually-speaking—the next best thing.

1. You Tube Mermaids

Here we are, humans and merfolk waiting for the show to start. The far bottom right mermaid is yours truly.

2. Second Life Mermaids

Really beautiful color scheme with a strong Japanese influence. Notice the blooming cherry trees in the background.
This is a side angle view of the stands (which started filling up) and the performers jumping out of the water and into the "air" and swishing fins and tails in synchronization. Like a lovely moving painting.

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