Monday, July 29, 2013

Cover For Mr. Hawtness!

Very excited to share the cover for my upcoming ebook, Mr. Hawtness!

Timing is everything… 

Business broker Megan Lassiter knows the axiom better than anyone. Her keen instinct for being at the right place, at the right time, has propelled her up the corporate ladder. When it comes to love and relationships though, she's usually got it all wrong.

An opportunity to visit her old college roommate and attend her friend's Derby party almost ends in disaster when she runs into the college ex from hell. Rescued by a sexy, mysterious man, she decides what she needs to break out of her bad relationship luck, is a fling with Mr. Hawtness.

When would she recognize what he already knew? 

The last time Jonathan Presten saw Megan, she was sobbing on the front steps of his parent's house, waiting for his sister. More than anything, he'd wanted to be the one she trusted to comfort her. 
Jon knew she was his one true love…except at the time, he was only seventeen. With a six year age difference, he was smart enough to know he didn't stand a chance with his older sister's hot best friend.  Now, twelve years later, she's back in town and Jon realizes his feelings haven't changed. But would his second chance get stopped before it started?

Coming soon...

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