Monday, July 8, 2013

The Quick and Dirty Genre Reference for Writers

I recently discovered how many beginners don't know what genre or subgenre they're even writing, and it's not their fault. Subgenres are at the mercy of marketing. Whether you've thought about self-publishing your first ebook, or plan to send your manuscript to agents and editors, lines are blurring and new subgenres emerging. You'll need to know what genres and subgenres best fit your story in order to position your book for the most exposure possible.

So it was very neat when I learned that one of my friends had published a quick reference guide and made it available on Amazon. And at .99¢, it's a bargain! 

The Quick & Dirty Genre Reference For Writers
compiled by Adrianna Dane

You've written the book or are planning to write one. Defining the genre can be a task in and of itself. Here's a quick reference of genres and subgenres that I put together for my own reference and have found it's been helpful for others, too. Hopefully it will help you determine some of the standard genres as well as some of those that are newly emerging. It's a starting point, not a definitive reference.

Pick up your copy today!

Sampling of headings for this title:

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