Monday, December 20, 2010

All I want for Yule...

Mr. Bear asked me what I wanted for Christmas/Yule this year. I sat and thought about it last night and really couldn't think of a single thing. It's not so much that I have everything I need, as much as it is all the things I need either cost more than I know he can afford (new car, new computer laptop, new refrigerator, etc.) and the things I want are the stuff of fantasy (to be 25 years old again knowing what I know now, to be healthy and a size eight again, to have my mom and dad back...only healthier and not in pain). ::sigh::

He says I am hard to shop for and I guess I am. He tells me we are having a Christmas this year, complete with presents under the tree, because this is his Christmas too, and it's what mum would have wanted.

My little goddaughter wants a DQ Blizzard Station and I planned to grab her one tomorrow, except I just read the reviews for the food-maker toy on Amazon and from what I can tell, the thing is a plastic piece of shite. So I'm wondering if I should just go on and buy it for her since it's what she wants and let her parents (my nephew and his wife) deal with putting it together and giving it a toss after she tries it one time and it breaks. If I don't get it, what do I get for her?

My sister already got her an Easy Bake Oven type thing and mum had already gotten Aleah this gorgeous carved, wooden, ballerina music box with a slide compartment for jewelry and put it up for her months ago, before mum got so sick. We found it in mum's closet, already wrapped, but no tag on it, so we had to unwrap it and then saw written on the small box—..."for Aleah." Just thinking of it makes me teary eyed. My other sisters chipped in and got little miss a genuine silver and amethyst ring and gave it to her early since both live out of state (middle sis out of country) and so wanted to give it to her before they left town.

Which leaves her great auntie and godmother—me. I want to get her something special. Not something she'll outgrow and will get pitched in a few months, never to be worn again. Nor do I want to buy her something she'll get bored with or get broken after a single use.

Hmm, I wonder how upset nephew would be if I brought little miss a kitty-kit home from the Humane Society? lol. Probably a lot since they already have a Beagle.

What to get her? What to get her? ::thinking cap firmly on::
Sheesh, you'd think the girl's faery godmother would know exactly what to get her!

At the rate I'm going, I may never earn my wings! Hey! That's what I can tell Mr. Bear I want! Faery Wings! rofl. Can't wait to see the look on his face when I tell him that! Somehow I doubt they carry them at Sears. :P

Until next time~

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