Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Creaky Bones

Not sure if anyone still reads blogs, or if everyone on the planet lives over on FaceBook lane, but figured I might as well post an update on things, if for no other reason than as a future nostalgic reminder of my life in 2012, for me, myself, and I.

This month has been good, bad, and ugly. Some folks say a body is like a house, what goes into it reflects the effort and care you put into it. My house (figuratively and literally) is kinda falling apart. Every day seems like a new thing needs fixing. Last month it was the main bathroom's plumbing and toilet. This month it was the central air unit and furnace, plus the dryer and the refrigerator (repairman expected sometime this afternoon, please let it be within the budget!)

My house is showing it's creaky bones, and so am I. Middle age was bad enough (sarcoidosis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, degenerative disc disease, etc), but the slide these past few years into true cronehood has been a disturbing wake-up call. Yikes! I woke up yesterday morning and my elbow made a weird little creaking noise and pain started radiating all along my upper arm. All I did was reach for my toothbrush and suddenly I now have tennis elbow. Yep, I said tennis elbow.  Had I swung a racket at Venus or Serena Williams, I could understand. But lifting a toothbrush? Holy crap, this sucks.

Oh, I can almost hear my late mum chortling, saying "I tried to tell you girls."

And then I made the mistake of bending to pick up wet towels off the floor (the central air unit was leaking and my dh decided to lay towels around it—my good towels, no less!) In the old days (like four or five years ago) I'd have to sneeze while twisting to get that kind of reaction from my body. I think I may have yipped!

I watched Dr. Oz the other day (a rerun) and he said that Omega 3 fatty acids, like the oils found in salmon, are also good for joints and bones. So last night I fixed grilled salmon steaks with lemon and cilantro, risotto, and cottage cheese with sliced tomato on a bed of lettuce. Very healthy stuff.

There is also some great stuff I got at Kroger's grocery that you pour into cold water and shake, and it's called Active Lifestyle Drink Mix - Joint Support - Tropical Punch. It actually tastes pretty good and imo, is better tasting than Gatorade.

So if you're like me and feeling like your figurative house is falling apart, help your body by giving it what it needs, and I'm not talking about chocolate pudding cake, lol.

Until next time,


Mary said...

I still read the blogs, I just don't comment as much. I know people are still reading mine too because I get a lot of views each month, but not a lot of comments. Everyone just reads it seems.

Cassandra said...

I think summer has a lot to do with it as well. I know I get distracted looking out the window and there seems to be so much to do.