Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mermaid Jokes

I love a good joke, and I may be one of the few people around who actually laughs at puns. If you're a reader of this blog or you've read any of my Shifting Tides books, then you also know I am a tad goofy about anything to do with mermaids, dolphins, selkies, and the ocean. Combine the two and you've got my attention. :D

When I heard a bartending pirate telling mermaid jokes under the sea, I had to listen up. After all, I am a part-time virtual mermaid. lol  Watch the fourth joke on the list. If you can answer it correctly, leave a comment and the first person who gets it right, wins an ebook from my backlist, winner's choice.

Which fish can perform operations?

A Sturgeon!

Why are fish such intelligent creatures?

Because they swim in schools!

Why did the whale cross the road?

To get to the other tide!

And last but not least:

How could the dolphin afford to buy a house?

If you're the first to know the correct answer, you WIN! Good Luck!


Janet said...

He prawned everything.


Cassandra said...

::DING DING DING:: We have a winner! Congratulations, Janet! To make your selection, go to my website and see which of my ebooks you'd like and then email me at cass @ cassandra curtis . com (no spaces) and let me know the book and the format you'd like. Enjoy!

::pom pom swish::