Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Past Lives

I know that many people don’t believe in past lives and that is okay. You’ll probably say the same thing the next time. :D

But I’ve always believed in life as a journey and a lesson for the soul. I can only hope I’m not flunking out this time around. :P

Seriously though, it would explain a lot of things. Like why some people feel frightened of water yet never had a bad experience (as far as they know), or why some people can’t drive over bridges. Saw that one day while channel surfing on the telly.

Maybe this would explain why child prodigies exist. I mean, if you spent your entire lifetime as Ludwig van Beethoven, then your next incarnation was 350 years later, wouldn’t that prior lifetime’s abilities shine forth as a young child while still fresh, so-to-speak, in your subconscious?

Three year olds painting masterpieces as if they were Picasso or Marc Chagall?

Take that next step and think…

It could also explain why some children seem to have a talent for languages, speaking as many as four or five different languages as early as toddler age!

I can barely handle English some days–and it’s my native tongue! LOL

To extrapolate this concept further…what if you’d always been born female in your past incarnations, and then suddenly, in this lifetime, you are born male. Wouldn’t you grow up with all these feelings that you were born into the wrong gender? And what of the sexual desires?

Would a past life always mean being the same race each time? I hope not. I mean, how boring would that be?

Maybe next time I’ll get to have beautiful dark skin or gorgeous natural blond hair, or maybe I’ll speak a beautiful, lyrical language like Italian and it will be my native tongue.

Oh and friends! Yes, what of the feeling that comes over you when you first meet someone. Have you ever felt a strong sensation that you’ve known this person before. Had that instant “click” or understanding that goes beyond mere coincidence? Could it be that we subconsciously draw our friends and family back to us each and every lifetime? Perhaps this time your husband from a previous life is now your best girlfriend or even your mother!

It sure is something to ponder.

And if it is so…do we get to choose?

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you think that we stay the same race/gender/ethnicity through each incarnation?

Do you believe that the people closest to you now have always been around you in some fashion?
That you find each other time after time, drawn to each other as if by magnets?

Or do you think the whole past lives thing is hogwash?

Would you be interested in reading about a hero or heroine who is discovering their past lives?

Let me know what you’re thinking. :)

In the meanwhile, take this fun quiz about your own past life! Who knows, you might find out something cool about yourself you never knew!

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