Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Fling Derbyliciousness!

Hard to believe in just a few more days it'll be Derby Day. Now, some of ya'll may have no clue what I'm talkin' about, so I'll give you the quick lowdown on the subject.

The Kentucky Derby is always run the first Saturday in May, which this year will be May 4th. The Derby is a thoroughbred horse race, the first jewel in the triple crown of horse racing.

This year is also the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby, so as you can tell, folks in the bluegrass been doing this for a loong time. :)  The two weeks prior to Derby, the city kicks off with fireworks and all manner of festivities to celebrate the fastest 2 minutes in the sport of kings.

There's a Great Steamboat Race with the Belle of Louisville taking on the Delta Queen, a parade with floats and horses that travels downtown, a Great Balloon Race with hot air balloons, a golf challenge for hole in one, a bed on wheels race, and on Friday, The Oaks, also known as the Lillies for the Fillies, a stakes race for 3year old female horses.

Fillies can run in the Kentucky Derby, but only three fillies have ever won the Derby. Can you name them?



Post your answers here and I'll draw a name at random from all correct entries. That winner will receive a Ky Derby T-shirt* (sz. x-large, trust me they run small) and a copy of the official 2013 Ky Derby festival program.

Spring Fling Derbylicious contest starts Tuesday, April 30, 2013 and ends midnight, Friday, May 3, 2013.

Good Luck!

Must be 18+ to enter. The odds of winning depend upon the number of participants and correct entries. Contest void where prohibited by law. I strive to make my prize winners happy, however, as with all my contests, it is the participant’s responsibility to check the blog to see if their name is announced as a winner, and/or to respond to winning notification emails in order to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of contest winning announcement. If not claimed within 30 days, the prize will either be added to another contest, or a second chance drawing at my discretion. Not responsible for lost/stolen mail. 

*Color and design may vary based on availability.


crystal adkins said...

Winning Colors
Genuine Risk

:) I live in KY too but haven't ever made it to see the derby. It is a little bit of a drive from where we live though.

Cassandra said...

Hi Crystal! I always say everybody, at least once in their lifetime, needs to go to the Kentucky Derby. It's like nothing else. I've been four or five times, but I probably won't see another in person. I'm too old for all the craziness and the lines, especially the lines getting into the ladies restrooms. lol

These days I prefer to kick back at a friend's Derby party and watch it on TV. :-)

Oh, be thinking of what horse you think will win, because I'll be posting another Derby contest this Friday, and if your horse wins...I have some goodies to give away. ;-)

crystal adkins said...

I think it would be fun to pick out an awesome hat and go watch it. But I DESPISE crowds LOL! I have to agree, I'd rather watch it on TV :) And yes, the ladies restroom line is always long, especially at the Columbus Zoo. I dislike waiting in their lines too.
Lets see... I think that Normandy Invasion or Crop Report will win it :)

Cassandra said...

Don''t forget to post your pick for the Derby (one pick only) on the blog post this coming Friday in order to be eligible to win. And yep, I have also experienced the pleasure of going to both the Columbus Zoo, and the Cincinnati Zoo on hot days when you have to drink a gallon of Gatorade to stay hydrated and enjoyed standing in the line that never ends. lol

crystal adkins said...

Ok I will :) LOL the Zoo smells awesome too on those hot days. I have no idea why we choose what seems like the hottest day of the year when we go. And when you run out of Gatorade and have to pay 5 bucks for a, what they call large Pepsi/Coke, that looks like a small LOL.

Jennifer Leeland said...

Very cool!!!! Well I cheated and had to Google it.

Winning Colors
Genuine Risk
This did lead me to read a bit about fillies in the Derby. It's gone some very dramatic and sad stories. A lot of injuries.
And it surprised me that only 39 fillies had "run for the roses" as of 2009.

Jennifer Leeland said...

Shoot. GOT some sad stories. *need more coffee*

Pamela said...

1. Regret
2. Genuine Risk
3. Winning Colors

Always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby! Love the movie Secretariat, it is my husbands favorite movie too!

Cassandra said...

Hi Jenn! I always bet on the fillies, but so many sad stories, true. I was lucky enough to have bet both Winning Colors and Genuine Risk. They were beautiful horses and it always is cool when a filly beats all the colts. :)

Cassandra said...

Hi Pam! Ya'll need to come to Kentucky!

I loved Secretariat, too. I only wish mum had lived long enough to see the movie when it came out. I know she would have loved it.

Cool story about Big Red...my parents used to own thoroughbred race horses and so the year he won, we were at the Derby, on the back side where the barns are, a bunch of us having a picnic under the shade of a tree, and got to watch the race.

Only a few days before that, I actually got to pet him, since Mum and Dad knew Mrs. Chenery and her late father. I remember how soft his muzzle was, like velvet and he was very well mannered. Mum blessed him too, so he'd have a safe trip around the track. :-)

I doubt there will ever be another like him.

Anonymous said...

Ok trying to post again. ;) Updating computers keep you busy! lol So I'm going with Regret, Genuine Risk and Winning Colors. I like the name Regret because it makes me think of the horse in the backstory for The Man From Snowy River, Old Regret. :) This is Night Diva btw. :) It won't let me post as myself!

Cassandra said...

Hey girl! Glad ya made it over to my blog, no matter how you signed in. lol I remember The Man From Snowy River. What a great story. Hope your computer woes get fixed soon. ((hugs))

Cassandra said...

This contest is now closed and the winner announced. Thank you to everyone who commented.