Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Little Ironies of Life

I think I should write a book and call it The Little Ironies of Life. Because life seems to be made up of little ironies. For instance, I wanted to get something for my sister in Oz (not the prison in the TV show, lol) as a thank you gift, and she loves her coffee and tea, but I know how expensive it is to mail a bag of coffee (I did this once, sent her a coffee gift box sampler) and vowed to never do it again. Spent $25 on the sampler box of coffees, then had to spend $55 on the shipping to get from my house to hers, oy!

I wanted to get her something cute, lightweight, and inexpensive—plus something that said "home" and so I thought, hey how about a little tea caddy holder as a tea bag or spoon rest, and hey—how about if it had thoroughbreds on it? Perfect!  (Yes, I am an Aquarius, and we do tend to get fixated on the strangest things, lol).

So I went online and called around, because surely somewhere locally had a tea bag caddy with horses on it, I mean, this is bluegrass country. After two days of searching, I found it. But you might want to ask where. Because, irony of ironies, I didn't find it here, I found it in—where else—Australia! Yep, the wonderful land of Oz. I have to admit, it's adorable, dishwasher safe, inexpensive, and the owner of the company was happy to ship it directly to my sister.

For once, an irony turns out in my favor. I could get used to this.  ;)

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