Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend In A Nutshell

The other day, bff Cora Z. and I did a little make-up shopping at a store called—what else—Make-up! lol They have a bunch of freebies and specials running right now 50% off on a ton of stuff. The tattoo layer make-up there is really great and I gave the owner much Linden love. :p

Afterward, we rezzed our boxes and stopped by the Midnight Moon Café to check on things and take a break. Cora had the great idea to make some piña coladas and we talked shop for a while.

Looking forward to Cora's Wicked Obsession ebook release date.

Right now my big dilemma is whether to leave my story Derby Girl as a romantic comedy (non-erotic), or turn it into a YA and place it under a different pen name.  To make the change, I would have to switch the main focus from the reincarnated friends and onto the secondary character, a teenage girl who got hurt in a bad fall and now is nervous around horses. So I am not sure the best direction for the story. ::sigh::

I did a little card reading for myself (which never works but I do it anyway) and everything sounds promising and sunny, lots of lovely cups and the Sun card. So I had Cora read for me, and of course, it was nothing like my reading. There will be decisions to make and obstacles to overcome. Story of my life. Nothing comes easy. But the eventual outcome did sound great, so I'll simply have to waddle hip deep in the muck and go for it. :-)

At least one thing did get settled. Bear and I drove up to the cemetery in the country and after almost eight months of pleading, nagging, and phone calls (which were seldom returned) they finally got mum's tombstone engraved. It now lists her name, date of birth, date of death, and the words Gone but not forgotten at the very bottom. Finis  It's a complete relief.

So there it is. My weekend in a nutshell. Until next time...
~ Cass

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