Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Upcoming Attractions...

Wanted to share some cover love and the blurb for my next ebook, entitled Naughty Little Secrets. Thanks to friends and authors Grace Draven and Alicia Richardson, I have a neat cover for my wicked little story.

Here's the blurb:

Aspiring author Stacie Purcell writes her secret fantasies in a red ‘story binder’ she carries around in her oversized slouch bag. When she misplaces the binder, and risks exposing all her naughty little secrets, she’s desperate to get the binder back.

Tyler Murchison finds the binder in his garage waiting room, and remembers the shy blonde who had been writing in it earlier that day. When he picks it up, a color print-out falls to the floor…a diagram of various sexual positions! Intrigued by Stacie’s erotic fantasies, he returns the binder, and in doing so, gives Stacie a chance to experience all the incredible sexual delights she writes about. But can a night of steamy sex lead to something more?

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