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Friday Finds: Stories By Cassandra Curtis

I love to read short stories and novellas and I know I'm not alone. Many of the .99¢ ebooks I pick up are shorts.  Several of my own books fall into that length and are only .99¢.

So today on Friday Finds, I'm highlighting my own free or under a dollar stories.

SHIMMER by Cassandra Curtis
ISBN: 9781452378664 | short story 7.8K

Can't beat FREE, and my short story Shimmer is exactly that, FREE.

Stuck at her sister's tropical wedding without a date, Dixie Ames decides to kick up sand at the reception and finds more than she bargained for, spotting a strange shimmering orb over the water. Rey knows better than to appear in front of humans, but something about Dixie attracts him like no other. Can a human and a Shimryn find love? He knows only the tides will tell.

Shimmer is a cross-over book, meaning that it bridges or crosses two different series and two different romance subgenre. It connects my Shifting Tides Series which is paranormal romance, with my Tales of The Shimryn Series which is SFR. It also ends on a bit of a cliff hanger. 

Readers will be happy to know that a sequel is coming—in fact—Sparkle: A Tale Of The Shimryn, is book one in my new Tales Of The Shimryn Series. The Tales of The Shimryn Series is SFR set partially on Earth and partially on the Shimryn home world. The hero and heroine of Sparkle are none other than Dixie and Rey! 

by Cassandra Curtis

ISBN: 9781452357003 | short story 6K

Matthew Lambert tried to run from his past, but when he decides to renovate an old house, he is forced to resurrect more than ghosts. 

Intrigued by the paranormal, Cadence Martin always loved Goodacre Hall. When she gets an invitation to attend the Victorian house's grand opening, she decides to see if the new owners are aware they just inherited the resident ghost, her great-aunt Miriam.

Goodacre Ghost (as I refer to it) was a flash fiction piece that expanded into a short story and was influenced by my love of the old movie and TV show The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Except in my story, the ghost is a lonely woman and the hero is a chef opening a bed and breakfast in the house where he used to hide as a boy. Miriam isn't the love interest, instead she plays matchmaker for her great great niece, Cadence.

While I have no intention of expanding on this story or making it into a series, I do plan to write another stand alone ghost story someday soon. BUY AT SMASHWORDS

By Cassandra Curtis

ISBN: 9781452374024 | short story 12K

Eccentric recluse Athena Thanos owns Archimedes Island, a tropical paradise she can never leave. Cursed by the Goddess Hera, the moon and tides control her prison. Corporate player Ryan Palmer is sent to negotiate a huge deal. But Ryan doesn’t know the hand he’s been dealt by fate or that he is the key to breaking the curse. Will he agree to Athena's demands once he understands the risks?

I always wanted to create a story wrapped in Greek Mythology that incorporated a monster of some kind, but never expected the twists and turns the story would take, dragging me along for the ride. THE DEAL BREAKER is more in keeping with an EYES WIDE SHUT feeling, so don't expect your typical happily ever after.  BUY AT SMASHWORDS

by Cassandra Curtis

ISBN: 9781452391540 | short story 4.4K

Gwen Patterson expected an adventure when she signed up to work an archeological dig in Egypt, but she didn't expect to uncover a sinister plot involving a mummy and a mysterious golden scarab. Cursed to sleep for thousands of years, Kemnebi is awakened by Gwen's accidental blood sacrifice. Now freed, he must regain his power and defeat an old foe, or risk losing Gwen forever.

I've always had a fascination for everything ancient Egypt, going as far to tell my mother about the personal and daily habits of wealthy Egyptians pre-Cleopatra. At the time I was five, so you can imagine my mum's amazement when she verified my facts were correct. And yes, this was long before the entity named Google existed. LOL. I still love old mummy movies and books. I don't have plans to expand this story or write a sequel, but you never know. I said the same thing about Shimmer, and here I am rewriting and doing edits on Sparkle. LOL  BUY AT SMASHWORDS

by Cassandra Curtis

ISBN: 9781452313771 | short story 3.5K

Exhausted after a coast to coast book tour, Laris needs serious R and R. The luxury resort along the Baja coast provides their guests with everything they could desire, including their own personal masseur. Former special ops agent Alejandro Maranta loves his job as an on-call masseur for the resort hotel. Using his unique gift for easing tension, he gives Laris a massage she'll never forget. 

Written initially as part of a October Paranormal Party challenge at the old Midnight Moon Cafe, Stroke It was one of the more fun experiments of mine. Take a guy who is buff, dangerous, and gorgeous and give him a 180 career shift. Now say the guy isn't all that human, has a few experimental genes in his pool, and you get an ex super soldier with something extra. I'm often told this is one of my hottest erotic romances, just be prepared for a wild twist. :D

by Cassandra Curtis
(Book one in The Naughty South Series)
ISBN: 9781465850577 | novella 23.5K

Aspiring author Stacie Purcell writes her sexy fantasies in a ‘story binder’, but when she misplaces it, she risks exposure of all her naughty little secrets. Tyler Murchison finds her messenger bag in his repair shop and discovers the secrets inside. He offers Stacie a chance to experience all the incredible delights she writes about. But can a single night of wild sex lead to something more? 

A friend of mine suggested I write another contemporary story, so after a weekend of brainstorming, I decided to get back to basics, and that meant the romance had to come first. Which in turn triggered memories of first loves. What if your first crush was your only love? What if he left town and years passed, then he returned? And you discovered the crush never ended? I had a reader write and tell me that this was indeed the case for her, and she'd been happily married to her own 'Tyler' for over thirty years! Now that is staying power! 

The second book in my Naughty South Series is entitled Naughty By Nature and tells the story of what happens to that teasing little subplot in the first book, between Pam Purcell and Tim Riley. Also expect a cameo appearance by Big Rory.  I'm shooting for a summer 2013 release on the sequel, but lots of stuff going on so don't quote me on it.

And of course, my latest addition to my own little .99¢ ebook club...Compulsion!

by Cassandra Curtis

ISBN: 9781301335596 | extended short story 17.5k

Lindsay Dannon has a dirty little secret. While she hides behind her plain and proper image at work, a wanton woman with a rich fantasy life lurks beneath the surface. The thrill of sex in public places, and the risk of exposure, is a compulsive itch she knows only one man can scratch—her boss, Jack Randolph.

The company’s “no tolerance” policy on interoffice dating is the only thing stopping her. Good thing Jack created the rules, because he’s determined to make all of Lindsay’s sexual fantasies come true…

Compulsion is a stand alone story, and although I played with the idea of spinning off a sequel, I didn't feel there was much more to tell. It is what it is, a tale of a woman who wants a man so bad, she can't concentrate, and fills her world with sexual fantasies of them together, only to find that her fantasies pale when compared to the real thing.  BUY AT SMASHWORDS     BUY AT AMAZON

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