Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Underwater Pyramids and The Shimryn Connection

From what I understand, sometime last year two underwater "glass-like" pyramids were found in the Bermuda Triangle and identified with sonar, over 2,000 meters deep, resting on the ocean floor. This is according to a Dr. Verlag Meyer, who is supposedly an oceanographer. The pyramid is also said to be smooth and partially translucent.

Which makes the skeptic observer in me ask why such an amazing find is getting little air time on TV or from credible news sources? You'd think a true archeological find like this would be on every mainstream media outlet. Then again, the Bermuda Triangle cannot compare to the social significance of Kardashian mania or Honey Boo Boo [insert sarcasm]. Even so, you'd think it would get more than a very minor mention on MSNBC's weird news segment.

Also, with both American and French scientists supposedly conducting surveys of the Bermuda Triangle's seabed, you'd think there would be at least a few French news outlets covering the story, given that one of the greatest explorers our world has known, was Jacques Cousteau. But the story didn't surface, except on internet.

My German is about as non-existent as my Spanish, so I did some digging and Verlag is the German word for publisher, but the only legitimate reference I could find to Verlag Meyer is a German publisher of sports-related books and training manuals. The closest I could find to anything Bermuda Triangle related (both involve water, lol) on their website was a book entitled, How To Be A Surfer. http://www.m-m-sports.com/shop/en/how-to-be-a-surfer-4916.html.

Yeah, something tells me this whole glass pyramids of the Bermuda Triangle may all be fiction. See, I know a little about fiction, since I write it. Without tangible facts that can be checked and cross-checked, then verified, the "pyramid" crumbles faster than a sugar cookie hit with a hammer.

[Watch National Geographic's Bermuda Triangle documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALF-4ubvhzQ]

All we really know is something about the area has caused ships and planes to disappear, instrumentation panels to go bonkers, and freak storms to pop up with little warning. Whether these incidences are due to unusual but perfectly natural phenomena or something more akin to science fiction, is something you have to decide for yourselves.

Which of course, didn't stop me from adding my own fictional spin to the Bermuda Triangle. The back story for both my Shifting Tides series and my upcoming Tales of The Shimryn series is centered at the centuries old mystery. In Shifting Tides, merfolk and other aquatic shapeshifters go undetected by humans for the most part, living their lives both underwater and on land. Their ability to shapeshift is based on myth and magic, but also rooted in their DNA.

The Tales of The Shimryn series blends both mythology and science fiction, giving readers a plausible (fictional) explanation for the disturbances in the Bermuda Triangle, as well as the Devil's Triangle. The Shimryn are explorers and scientists who long ago set up an outpost on Earth, but lost contact with the colony several millennia ago. That colony was, of course, Atlantis. The mystery of what happened to Atlantis had captured their peoples imagination as well. It was decided by the Shimryn Stellari (science council)  that a second Shimryn team would be sent to investigate, but they too, disappeared. Between wars and politics, it was quite some time before a third team was sent, and what that team discovered was a world unlike any they'd known, over 3/4ths of the planet covered with liquid. Using the Shimryn understanding of intelligence, the only sentient beings they discovered lived under this strange substance called water, so they created their new outpost very near the site where the original had been. And yes, it was on the ocean floor of the Bermuda Triangle.

Since the Tales Of The Shimryn is a crossover series with Shifting Tides, readers can expect to see a mermaid or two swim their way into a couple of the stories, but there will be more emphasis on SFR than PNR. Book one in the series is Sparkle, which continues the prequel short story, Shimmer.

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