Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lunch with Rump Dimples

Yesterday I decided to indulge both of my cravings and dropped by Panera Bread for lunch and a cookie. Right now they have that deal where if you buy a sandwich or soup and sandwich, you get a cookie for only .99 cents extra. Since they're usually $1.99 or more for a single cookie, I always try to take advantage of the bargain, well, if my sugar is within low to normal range. It was on the cusp of high normal, but I did it anyway. So spank me. It was very yummy. I also enjoyed the broccoli and cheese soup, which satisfied my inner cheese freak.

After lunch, I went to the first of two doctor appointments and got some good news and some so-so news. The good news is they probably won't do any surgery on my nose after all. The so-so/bad news is it's because the nerve damage sustained in my fall (broke my nose in three spots) cannot be repaired with surgery. The nose amazingly realigned rather close without ever being set, and even though my septum is now deviated, it's not a bad enough deviation for surgery according to my nose specialist. The nerve damage may lessen in time, but some residual damage will always be there. So I guess stabbing pinpricks of pain in my forehead and numbness in my nose and cheeks are now the new norm. Lovely.

The nasty scars won't be getting plastic surgery courtesy of the nose surgery now, since I guess doc thinks I don't need the nose surgery. ::le sigh::  Bride of Frankenstein lives it would seem, and she is me. Oh well. At least it's not like I was ever drop dead gorgeous. lol

The funky smells I've been sniffing are a result of the damage to the nose and nerves as well, and will likely go away in time. So looks like I just didn't give it long enough. However, if I'm still sniffing fresh laundry but smelling wet dog or worse after giving it another eight months, I'm gonna be soo pissed. My other appointment was basically about the migraines and again, I'll have to give it more time. I have a hard head, but I managed to knock it into next year when I fell, so it's going to take more time to heal.  ::sigh::

After I got home, I checked emails and had one from a reader who said how she liked the way I use made up phrases and words in my stories. She especially liked my use of rump dimples and swarmytude. lol

Alas, I cannot claim rump dimples as my own. I borrowed the term from a friend who used it and I nearly choked on my coffee when she said it. The other word was something I made up, yes, but I doubt I was the first woman to meet a sleazy dude and think, "Omg, this guy is total swarmytude."

Moving along, I am keeping busy editing and doing rewrites of scenes in two upcoming ebooks, Naughty By Nature, book two in my Naughty South series (sequel to Naughty Little Secrets) and Sparkle: A Tale Of The Shimryn (sequel to my short story Shimmer).

Also, I plan to re-release several of my backlist books with new covers and expanded story material this year, so watch for more news about these ebooks, here on my blog.

And finally, my website is getting a makeover, so if some of the links don't work anymore, never fear, it's just growing pains and everything will be fixed soon as we can get it all up and running.

Hope your day is going well and your weekend plans are hawt. ;-)

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