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Wicked Wednesday Excerpt

**Sharing an excerpt from one of my erotic romances, so be warned this is not office or work safe, people. It is adult content and viewer discretion is advised. Rated M for mature.**

by Cassandra Curtis, ©2013

Compulsion | May 2013 | Genre: Erotic Contemporary | ISBN: 9781301335596

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Lindsay Dannon has a dirty little secret. While she hides behind her plain and proper image at work, a wanton woman with a rich fantasy life lurks beneath the surface. The thrill of sex in public places, and the risk of exposure, is a compulsive itch she knows only one man can scratch—her boss, Jack Randolph.
The company’s “no tolerance” policy on interoffice dating is the only thing stopping her. Good thing Jack created the rules, because he’s determined to make all of Lindsay’s sexual fantasies come true…

Excerpt from Compulsion by Cassandra Curtis, ©2013

     Her mind raced. Should she pretend she didn’t hear Jack, or just go for it? Her nipples pebbled underneath her cream silk blouse, still tingling from his accidental contact. Remember what happened the last time you decided to “go for it,” she reminded herself. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t picture the possibilities. She closed her eyes and imagined reaching out to press the red stop button on the panel. The elevator would shudder to a halt. She’d slip off his jacket, slide her hands down to the waistband of his slacks, pull out the shirttails, and slip her hands under the starched oxford cloth. His warm flesh would tremor under her touch. Then, she’d lean up on her toes to coax his lips open and take his mouth. A slight moan escaped before she could catch it. Had he heard?


     She’d have to explain. She could simply blurt out the entire sordid situation. Maybe he’d take pity on her. She didn’t ask for this, after all. Jack Randolph inspired her wicked side. He was so damn hot she couldn’t stop the kinky daydreams about him. Lindsay knew she wasn’t his type. He probably had no interest in her. If he had, surely he’d have acted on it before now, right? She recalled Tegan once saying that Jack’s ex-wife had been a former swimsuit model—her polar opposite. And there was the fact that he was her boss. She looked up into his dark, amber eyes.

     Why, of all the men in Colorado, did he have to be the one to ignite every sexual fantasy she had? It would have made her life easier if she’d had a sexual compulsion for some harmless pencil pusher. At least she hadn’t drawn a heart around their names on her desk blotter. Or written Mrs. Jack Randolph a thousand times on a piece of paper. She ignored the fact that she’d written ‘Mrs. Lindsay Dannon-Randolph’ on the notepad of her smart phone mere days ago.


     She’d like to rub her nipples across that five o’clock stubble on his cheek, tease his lips open, and feel the wet warmth of his mouth, as he sucked her tight—no! This was wrong, so wrong of her...she had to stop this madness… “Stop imagining him with his clothes off!”

     “Excuse me?”

     She visualized throwing him down on the conference table in front of everyone and the two of them boinking like crazed rabbits, while he muttered, Ms. Dannon, do you want to be home checking want ads? and the sexual fantasy fizzled. I must be insane to keep having these thoughts—you’re such an ass, Jack Randolph...
     “…Yet all I can think about is what it would feel like to have you push me against a wall and shove your cock deep inside me, tight...” Her words trailed off as she noticed the stunned look on his face.

     “Please tell me I didn’t say any of that out loud? Oh, hell. You’re going to fire me now, aren’t you?” Wonderful. Mortally embarrassed. No job, no money. And now her boss thought she was a deviant with a dirty mouth, a sexual addict with a fetish for him. She could kiss any letter of recommendation goodbye.

     “I’m not going to fire—”

     “You will. You have to. I’ve got high stalker potential. I even mapped out the route to your house from my apartment on an app,” she blurted out. Crap. Confession might be good for the soul, but she really wished she’d kept that tidbit of info to herself.

     He leaned in, trapping her neatly against the elevator wall. One hand reached out to press the red stop button. “Are you going to attack my body?”

     “N-no.” The elevator shuddered to a halt.

     “Pity.” He nudged her thighs open with his knee, his breath hot against the nape of her neck.

     “Someone might see!” She squirmed to move under his arm. The frosted glass might hide their identities, but certainly not their actions. A frisson of fear mixed with sheer excitement raced through her veins. Lindsay watched him throw his jacket over a tiny camera eye in the corner, effectively blocking security’s view. He pulled her into his arms, slid his hands over the curve of her hips, and sank his fingers into the cheeks of her rear end, cupping her through the navy fabric. His lips pressed against her throat.

     She wanted to pinch herself just to make sure she hadn’t slipped past reality and slammed full throttle into psychosis. At least her two halves weren’t conflicted about one thing. Both wanted Jack.

     “Stop me. Tell me no now and I’ll quit. Otherwise…”

     Lindsay’s knees were already weak, even before he found her erogenous zone and began lapping at the delicate spot with his tongue. She clutched at his tie in answer, unknotted it, and slid it from under his collar. Lindsay meant to discard it, but before she could throw it on the floor, he grabbed the tie and her wrists. Jack turned her around, binding her hands to the brass railing.

     “What are you doing?” This hadn’t been part of her daydreams!

     “Fulfilling a fantasy of mine. You know all about fantasies, don’t you Lindsay? You just told me one of yours.”

     “Oh My Gawd.” She ran the words into three indistinct syllables. Nothing in her tame past prepared her for the sensual onslaught of a Jack attack.

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