Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Pirate Ball and Who Can It Be Now?

The Pirate Ball at Morgan Straights, August 17, 2012.

Shiver ye Timbers! Ahoy! and other pirate speak was heard at the Pirate Ball in Morgan Straights on Friday. Also some foot tapping music as pirates, tavern wenches, gypsies, and even a saucy incognito mermaid, danced a reel and spun their partners about. I arrived late on the scene, but was still welcomed heartily and nudged into some virtual dancing. The place was packed with avatars getting their groove on, and I even spied a skeleton pirate enjoying his grog. lol

The red haired gypsy wench in foreground is really mermaid Cassie in disguise.

As the ball ended, I waved goodbye and teleported to the Friday night dance at Awen, where the theme was Who Can It Be Now? Bring your alt to dance. Alt in SL speak means your alternate avatar. Everybody has one, including me. How else am I supposed to envision my hero character? Yes, my alt is a dude. It's sort of the ultimate female fantasy, to remake a man, or build one from scratch, perfect him how you want him, without all those bad habits and idiosyncrasies that drive us women crazy. lol.

I never realized how cool it would be to try and guess who was really who and I think we all had a blast trying. The music was an amazing eclectic mix using play on words and lyrics or titles to fit the theme of gender bending and androgynous fun. From the bluesy contralto of Carolyn Wonderland's Dust My Broom to the late great Roy Orbison's She's A Mystery Girl, then jumping into For Today I Am A Woman by Anthony & The Johnsons, The English Beat's Mirror in The Bathroom, Berlin's Masquerade, John Jorgenson's Man of Mystery, rounding the corner into The Black Crowe's I Ain't Hiding, and of course, mustn't forget the rock classic from Aerosmith; Dude Looks Like  A Lady. I haven't had that much fun online since the time I wandered into a gay strip club that used to be a shoe store and was made an honorary hag. :-)  

As the night ended, I went back to my little merhome under the sea and did some edits on a story I wrote a few years back. I'm telling you, I was GREEN. I've learned so much more in the years since I got published. I hope to finish the edits in the coming weeks. Ya''ll know that the word edit is a four letter word, and let me tell ya, there is a reason for that, whew! lol. Until next time, this is Cass signing out.

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