Thursday, August 2, 2012

Do Not Push the Red Button!

People always do the exact opposite of what you tell them. Why is that?

I tell my hubby to please not do the dishes. He does them anyway. And since he crams them in the dishwasher in a hap-hazard fashion, it will be interesting to see how many I have left that didn’t break in the wash cycle. Also how many actually got clean. To his way of thinking, I should be grateful he even offers to do the dishes, since a lot of guys don't lift a finger around the house. Maybe I would if I didn't have to rewash them or buy new glassware and bowls after he's finished helping. But I digress...

The pathological craziness starts early in life. My great-niece is a cute example.

She’s a bit older now, but when she was four, she learned when her parents said no, it meant okay go ahead. LOL. My sister (the grandma) would tell her no, and the kiddo smiles and was (and still is) so adorable. She'd wander into the kitchen and grab whatever she wanted, despite the "no". Then again, my oldest sis does things very similar, so maybe it's genetic?

I’ve tried reverse psychology and it’s a hit or miss. Sometimes it works, but often they know what I’m up to and will say, “You’re not using reverse psychology on me, are you?”

“Why of course not. I want you to press the shiny red button.”

It worries me. Because across this world of ours are all sorts of red buttons that say do not press. In fact, I can’t sleep for thinking of it.

Just like all those keep off the grass signs. Does anyone really honor it? No. I’ve seen people sprint across the grass, smoosh it underfoot.

Why are so many of us contrary creatures?

Makes me wonder if a heroine with a really contrary nature would make readers laugh or just irritated?

Or perhaps she’d fall into the dreaded TSTL (To Stupid To Live) category.

What do you think?

Wait a minute. While I've been "talking" you didn't—? Tell me you did not push the button! Yikes!

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