Saturday, August 4, 2012

Music Mashups

Last night I popped into SL to pay on rentals and to ask for a little technical SL advice from my good friend, Bookstacks co-owner Kghia G.  Since the Friday night dance was underway on Awen, I stuck around for the music. 

DJ Walt was there spinning virtual tunes, his selections always fun. It amazes me how often I find myself liking most if not all of what he plays. I say amazed, because I'm not really into the music scene these days, but I love hearing 'new to me' songs that make me tap my foot or want to dance, and Walt seems to play a lot of music that soon become my iPod favorites.

Last night, DJ Walt played some great dance stuff, plus a bunch of mashups I'd never heard before. Being traditionally rooted in classic rock, you'd think I wouldn't like song mixing mashups, but for once, I enjoyed them and I think it's because of the song mixes he played. Mashups like: Brat - I Am The Mashup (The Beatles vs. The Beatles), Brat - So What'cha Want? A Whole Lotta Love! (Led Zeppelin vs Beastie Boys), and Loo & Placido - Skrillex Rock (Skrillex vs. Daft Punk vs. Queen vs. House Of Pain).

Since I've been fleshing out an idea for another story, I threw on my Blondie tube top and white leggin' pants  and went totally retro except for my virtual hair, which I left as is. Back in the day, I would have worked the big hair, and I am embarrassed to say I probably used more AquaNet than the bands Cinderella and Poison combined. lol. 

Once I have my story bones down, I'll probably have a contest here on the blog, celebrating everything 80's, with some cool 80's themed door prizes, so remember to check back for that. In the meanwhile, ya'll rock out with your bad selves. :D

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