Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Wall Calenders

I'm old fashioned and still use a wall calender above my desk. Over the years, I've gazed at horses, puppies, kittens, flowers, seascapes, landscapes, skyscrapers, historical photos, aquatic animals, birds, old barns, classic paintings and masterpieces. But none of these are as anticipated as the sexiest men calendars. I've decided to share a few of my favorite here for your viewing pleasure along with links where you can purchase your own 12 months of hawtness. And don't you dare complain, guys! Ya'll have had Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calenders and pins up for ages, so turn about is fair play! ;)

Who doesn't love a sexy hero that can put out your fire? ;)


For my friends (Check it out Cia) who'd love to round up a possé of cowboys, check out this calender. 
You can rope this here: BUY LINK

And as a special treat, indulge your love of hawt Aussie, and check out this awesome Down Under calender.  

Or grab a towel cause this next calender might make you drool. Oh yeah....


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Mary Kirkland said...

I always have a hanging wall calendar too. Mine has animals on it this year but any one of these would have been welcome also. lol