Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday Special: Blood Moon Over Bengal

If you loved Masterpiece Theater's The Jewel In The Crown mini-series, or Paul Scott's novel, then you'll love this book. Not to be missed!

Ya'll know how I say I'm not a big reader or fan of historical romance, then I chance upon some really awesome book set in the past? Yep, I get caught eating my words. But something you may not know is that one of the first historical romances I read back before I had this blog, is now available in ebook format and is on sale now in Amazon's January "Big Deal" Event. For only .99¢ until February 2nd, 2014, you can grab Blood Moon Over Bengal by my friend, author Morag McKendrick Pippin.

Blood Moon Over Bengal
by Morag McKendrick Pippin

Genre: Historical Romance | British Colonial India | Romantic Suspense

Free-spirited and ultra "modern" Elizabeth Mainwarring returned to the sultry, spice-scented land of her birth for one last go at mending the breach with her long-estranged sire. She met Major Covington-Singh: a prince and officer in her father's regiment. The man was tall, dark, and utterly irresistible.

Yet there was peril in desiring him. He warned her against falling for an Anglo-Indian. It might be "modern" times in England, but not here.

Even for the son of a duke and a maharaja. Why, even Elizabeth's father would disapprove! And then there were the recent happenings: the murders, the cruel strangling of those who were indiscreet. For Elizabeth to love Nigel meant death. And there was a...Blood Moon Over Bengal.

Better hurry, because the sale ends 2/2/14 and if you love truly unique historical romance, you really shouldn't miss this incredible opportunity to purchase Morag's book for less than a buck!


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