Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Special: Blood Moon Over Britain

Blood Moon Over Britain
by Morag McKendrick Pippin

Genre: Historical Romance | 1940's (WW2 era)

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With the clouds of war dark and cold hanging over her, Britain is fighting the Nazis nearly alone. German U-boats are sinking homeland-bound supply ships, the Desert Fox's panzer are winning in North Africa and the Luftwaffe is shooting the RAF out of the skies. But Britain has an ultra-secret weapon: The German Enigma Code has been broke, and agents at Blethley Park are spending 24 hours a day decoding the messages. Hope Remains.

Cicely Winterbourne works at Bletchley Park. She's an ordinary girl, but nearly every dirty little secret of WWII passes through her hands. One may get her killed. Already two people have been murdered, and Cicely must find out who wants her dead: the Germans, the Russians, or an entity too terrifying to consider. The world hangs in the balance, and as perhaps the only person in Britain able to save her country, Cicely knows she can confide in no one—not even Alistair Fielding, dashing war hero of Dunkirk.

The first law of espionage is to never trust anyone, not even those who make you burn with desire. And especially not when there's a...Blood Moon Over Britain.

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If you enjoyed Susan Elia MacNeal's Maggie Hope Series, you'll love Blood Moon Over Britain.

.99¢ for a limited time only! Grab your copy today!

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Britain-Morag-McKendrick-Pippin-ebook/dp/B00ELN0KBG

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