Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rereleases And Song Titles As Books

2014 will be the year of rereleases and new things to come. Since getting rights back to some of my old ebooks, I've been doing a lot of rewritting, adding new material, and basically injecting them with super juice. :)

Last year fans will note I rereleased Compulsion, one of my original 2007 ebooks. Complete with a spiffy new cover, an additional 7k of new material, and as requested by readers, more scenes with secondary character, the ever sexy Tegan. This year I Put A Spell On You will rerelease, in addition to The Midnight Effect, and time permitting, Cup of Fate.

Just one problem. I noticed with Compulsion that using the same title for the rerelease, made it awkward with cataloging in the various reader review platforms. Which brings me to the subject of this post. I Put A Spell On You came about because a few of us at my publisher were playing with song titles as book titles, and since I'd always loved CCR (yep, dating myself here) I tied myself and my book's title into the song. The fit was perfect.

Flash forward eight years and much as I still love song titles as book titles, it's clear after the lack of new reviews, and confusion with last year's rerelease, that I need to change the titles (at least somewhat) for the rewritten stories coming out this year.

I decided to put it out there to readers of my blog, my Facebook, and my newsletter. If you had to rename I Put A Spell On You, what title would you pick? Keep in mind, I Put A Spell On You is going to be part of a series called Spellcraft, so spell needs to be in the title.

To help, here is the blurb:

If you can’t be with the one you love…
…then maybe you should put a spell on them! At least, that’s what sexy hunk Sebastian Matthews thought when he cast a spell on Tess Warner thirteen years ago. Something must have backfired with the potion, though, because he left town with his heart broken.

Older, wiser and sexier than ever, Sebastian’s back and ready to give it another try. Only one problem. The recipe for the potion and the spell that goes with it, were in Tess’ father’s grimoire. Oh–did I forget to mention, Tess and her entire family are witches! And though Sebastian is just an ordinary guy, he does have one thing on his side–the spellbinding magic of passion!

The choices:

1. Spell On You
2. Bespelled
3. Spell Betwixt
4. Sebastian's Love Spell
5. Other (write in your own)

Thanks, Cass

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