Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday For A Bear

Yesterday was Bear’s birthday, so I took him out for a movie and dinner. We saw the movie Salt, starring my least favorite actress, Angelina pouty lips. Since it was his birthday, I didn’t try to talk him out of it. It wasn’t a bad movie, although it was rather too violent for my tastes. And of course, being on Team Anniston (yes, I still think of it that way), I dislike Ms. homewrecker pouty lips. But the guys all love her, so what can ya do, ya know?

Later, we went to the delicious feast that is P.F. Chang’s. I love the food there, however the wait is usually long for a table, and last night was no different. Normally after 40 minutes, I would have said fuck this shit, lets roll. But it was his birthday and I left the decision up to him. So we waited while he had his Jack and coke and I enjoyed a fruity and smooth Granny Chang’s Frappé.

The waiter was this really nice guy who told us he moonlights at the Comedy Caravan as a stand-up comedian. He has a great voice and Bear told him he’d be good on the radio.

It’s been ages since I went to the comedy clubs. Maybe I should take my sister as she needs some cheering up and a break from the drudgery of life. It’s good to laugh.

Anyway, Bear told the guy it was his birthday, so we got a dessert in one of those tiny square cups for free, I decided to join him and screw the calorie counting. I mean, we were eating Chinese for God’s sake, so the calorie counting never started yesterday. :P

We both chose the strawberry cheesecakes (see picture above). Very delicious, as was everything they had. I couldn’t finish it all, so we brought boxes of food home, and leftovers are on the menu today. lol.
After the dinner, we came home and I got the birthday cake ready and placed his presents on the table. I mainly got him clothes, since he’s lost weight and needed new things. He went down a size, so I am glad I got the right sizes as it seemed everything fit pretty well.

No writing done though, as the day was all about Bear. Today I have to get with Ms. Cora and go over stuff, also promised friends in SL I’d drop by their place today as they recently redecorated and must also check my visitor counters and rents so I don’t accidentally get kicked out. rofl.

Tomorrow belongs to mum, as does Monday, so I will have to write in between it all somehow and hope it’s enough to finish my book. Wish me luck.

Until next time…
~ Cass


Estella said...

I'm with you---square in Anniston's corner.

Cassandra said...

Hi Estella! Yep, I love Jennifer Anniston and always go to see her movies, because she's a good actress and I like what I know of her as a person. All I know of the other woman is she poached on Jennifer's marital rights and that she adopted a ton of kids to show what a good person she is and then hands them off for nannies to raise.

Mary said...

I have yet to see a movie with Angelina that I liked.

Sounds like Bear had a great birthday.