Saturday, August 28, 2010

High Squee

Last night I went hair shopping in SL with my bff Cora Zane (who btw, is celebrating a birthday today and we're having a contest over on the MMC blog to celebrate). We discovered a store we both love, called Nikita Fride. They have the most wicked and wild hair, skin, eyes, and prim lashes. I gave them excessive Linden love. lol.

Cora wearing Nikita Fride hair, Lust - Chantilly; Prim lashes and eyes also by Nikita Fride.

As we sat on the floor of my mermaid digs, Cora snuck over to the Casablanca Authors Blog and checked out the Open Pitch Session post. She scrolled down, past her pitch and my own, and saw Deb Werkman's response to my pitch. OMG! Deb wants a full on my story Earth To Elena!!!! Or at least I think she does. Eeps! Another writer using a pen name of Cassandra asked if she is the Cassandra mentioned by Deb. Whew. I hope I'm the Cassandra in question. Cora and I squeed all over the place.

I would love it if we both got on with the same publisher, either me with EC or both of us with Casablanca/Sourcebooks. That would be too cool. ::fingers crossed::


Cora Zane said...

Hon, I'm telling you, that request is directed at you! The other girl's first name isn't Cassandra! Too, who can resist a pitch of alien, earth stealing proportions? Hehehehehe! ^_^ ((hugs))

Estella said...

Good Luck!!