Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stressed and DeStressing

My mum fell in her apartment Sunday morning about 2 in the a.m. and no one knew since she lives in an independent senior living facility. If her neighbor hadn't awoken early and heard a pitiful cry for help around 7:30 a.m., my mum would have been on the floor for more than the 5 1/2 hrs. she'd already spent. She is doing best as she can and I am going up to hospital every day.

At least no bones were broken. So the family is thankful for that, but OMG, I am so mad, and no one really I can get mad at. I can't watch her every second of the day. We try to take turns and someone be with her in the daytime and even some nights, but there is no way we can do a 24/7...

We even got her a special life alert button, but she got a hair up her 'you know what' and canceled the service. She did get a different service, though, but they use only a wrist bracelet button for alert and the 'bracelet' is made of velcro and it digs into her skin and bothers her no matter how loose I make it. So she simply doesn't wear it. She wraps it around her walker. When she fell, her leg pushed the walker about three feet away and she couldn't crawl to reach it. ::sigh::

Needless to say I am under a bit of stress, worrying over mum. The only solution and potential answer to our dilemma is one we do not want to face. I cannot stand the idea of her going into a nursing home, and she has said we are all cursed if we put her in one. Now, I don't think she'd really curse her offspring whom she loves, but then again, she is a cranky old witch. :P

In the meanwhile, the plans to go to Florida have been delayed for a couple of weeks until we see how mum is and if she's going to be okay. Whew.

Last night I sat here and simply couldn't write, so I decided to go into SL and check out a landmark someone sent me and I ran into a mer friend of mine, Peaches. So I poured out my story of woe and we shopped for virtual fantasy clothing. lol. Yes, I know. Shopping is good for the soul. In RL it's more costly, so SL is perfect shopping therapy.  lol. The store is called Evie's Closet and they specialize in medieval/fantasy outfits. The black number I am wearing in the pic is an example of the styles there. It's something I bought last night and threw on then and there. :)

I don't think I asked Peaches where she got those purple boots, but I bet it was at Bootgasm. lol. Yep, virtual dolly clothing shopping is damn good therapy since I can escape the worry for a little while.

Of course, I am heading up to the hospital in a few, so I may have to drop in and shop again tonight. Either that or eat a bag of chocolate and blow my diet. :)

Until next time...

~ Cass


Smut Girl said...

I am thinking good things for you both. You are a good daughter. You are a good person :). I wish her a speedy recovery and you a good trip! And oh, some purple boots for you. Where did you say your friend got those again? Bootgasm? I think I've *had* one of those ;)~


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, my mom is disabled as well and hardly walks and when she does she usually ends up on the floor. She lives with me because the thought of putting her in a nursing home would not only kill her but me as well (including my girls). Wishing she gets well soon.
Bootgasm, LOL, that is the best. I get those all the time, heehee.


Heather said...

Having been in your place, I feel for you - I truly do. My mom was in an assisted living facility for a few months before she passed, and it was so difficult trying to work and take care of her 24/7 that she really should have gone in at least a year sooner. She also had the life alert and rarely wore it as she was supposed to because she didn't like it, which - as with your mom - did not help when she fell while no one was here. At least in the ALF they checked on her every few hours!

You're lucky to have help from your siblings - something mine never afforded me. Great big (((HUGS))) -- I hope your mom is doing much better.

Estella said...

Hope your mom is better soon!

Cora Zane said...

One day at a time, hon. Sommer is dead on. You area good daughter, and you've been doing everything you can. Hang in there. Love and prayers to you and your Mum. ((hugs))

Cassandra said...

Thank you everyone! ((hugs)) She is mending slow, but hopefully sure, and I am heading up there again this morning. I just wish it wasn't so far from where I live. But at least we are not in another state.