Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If Life is A Highway...

Not sure, but if life is a highway, I think I just got a speeding ticket! :P

I actually took a notepad and pen up to the hospital, thinking I might have time to squeeze in and work on a new idea for a book. Sure. As if I am not already overwhelmed, I piled on more things to do. Oh yep, I do believe I am a glutton for multitasking.  But instead of brilliant new ideas, I have notes on my pad to remember to call all these people mum wants called. Oh and to drop by her rent, and call the office for her that handles her home health nursing, etc... There are pages and pages of notes and none are writing related. I really must be delusional to have thought I could find the time to write something or even think beyond the situation at hand.

The best news I can give is that she's been downgraded and was moved late yesterday into a 'regular' room. Whew. Another hurdle jumped and cleared. She also seems more cognizant, albeit in serious pain since they stopped her pain meds. I am upset she is not on anything for pain, but glad she is coming back to 'herself.' The drugs they were giving her made her hallucinate and she was sure Hollyweird was in ICU filming a movie the last couple of days. She would smile at the nurses and such, then once they left her room, she would turn to me and say, "She's another one in on it. She is part of the CAST."

Yep, a new movie, and setting is the hospital. A crazed gunman takes over ICU and trades shots with members of a SWAT team and one of the doctors tries to rationalize with the gunman and is shot. But she assures me the doctor is really okay, because another patient told her they only use rubber bullets.

Hmm, you know, maybe I could work mum's hallucination into a book? You think it would fly? :P

In the meanwhile, mum's new room is in the farthest wing of the hospital, and the nearest elevators don't lead to any parking lot I can park in, so I am hoofing it down long corridors yesterday and my asthma kicked in. Lovely. I so do NOT want to be a patient there. My sister also has asthma and heart trouble, so I am checking on her as we walk the 'blue' line down the hallway, both of us wheezing. lol.

I've got some appointments of my own later today, so I am trying to catch up on my emails and snail mail and updates to this blog so the extended family and all my friends and readers have the latest skinny.

Oh speaking of skinny, I got on some scales I saw at the hospital and have lost 3 pounds! Woot! At least some good is coming out of all of this. Now officially at 50 lbs weight lost this year! ::lives for silver linings::

Until next time...

~ Cass


Estella said...

Glad your mom is doing better.

Mary said...

Oh Cass, make you you take care of yourself first. Stress can make asthma worst..My daughter has it. Glad to hear that your mom is getting better.

L.K. Campbell said...

I'm glad your mother is better. I know what you mean about the notepad. The same thing has happened to me when I've taken one somewhere, thinking that I was going write.