Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dinner With Sharon, Howie, and Piers

I'm not much of a TV watcher, preferring a book over the boob tube any day—well, any day except Tuesday and Wednesday nights during my dinner time. That's when I turn on and tune in to my naughty little delight, America's Got Talent.

I love the stiff criticism of Piers, the lovely and smart Sharon, and the newest addition to the judge's panel, Howie Mandel. While I think I liked him better on Deal or No Deal, I do think he's an improvement over David Hasselhoff. Sorry Dave.

I also think it's a riot the show is called America's Got Talent, when the judges are Irish, British, and Canadian, and almost half of the acts (or maybe it just seems that way to me) aren't from America. Just sayin'. However, the talent does shine through, at least on some of the acts. After all, to headline in Vegas you need to be one truly talented act. No one is going to pay $100-$300 per person to see a lackluster, tonally-challenged singer, or a juggler who drops every other bowling pin.

So, who would I be willing to fork over my hard earned cash to see in Vegas?

My top five from last night:

Rudi Macaggi was terrifying and amazing and if he developed his act beyond the few minutes of air time NBC allows, he could do well and may even grab the $1 million. And yes, I would pay to see him perform in Vegas.

Taylor Mathews did a nice performance, but had a few shaky notes. Still though, I can see his potential and have no doubt, whether he makes it past last night or not, he will be a pop star in the coming years. He's too talented not to garner a recording contract outta the exposure from the show. I'd buy his CD. Not sure if I'd pay to see him in Vegas, though.

ArcAttack is my favorite of the novelty acts. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to play with electricity? :D I'd pay to see them perform anywhere, but my bet is they'd do well in least until they caused a citywide blackout. lol.

Prince Poppycock has a unique quality to his voice and a nice vocal range. I could do without the make-up/wigs/costume, though. I agree with the judges, he's more Broadway than Vegas, but still talent is talent and you have to respect that. I'd pay to see him in a musical play or in an operetta. But not in Vegas.

MURRAY is a great illusionist and magician. Yes, I am a sucker for magic acts, but honestly—you can't get more VEGAS than a magic act. I'd pay to see him.

Who was your favorite from last night's show?


Mary said...

I like the...I don't remember what they call themselves. The blue guys glowing in the dark with the glowing blue balls dancing around like in thin air. Wow, that really made no sense what so ever. lol

Cassandra said...

Oh that was Fighting Gravity, I bet. I like them too.

Mary said...

Yes! That is their name. I would pay to go see them and I don't say that often.