Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Ocean's Call

Stuck in my writing cave and daydreaming about my upcoming trip to Florida with my sister. It's been so long since I last stepped in sand and felt the pull of the ocean's song. When I am near the ocean I can feel the tug of it calling me and all I want to do is dive in the water and play. I picture myself, sitting by the water's edge, listening to the waves roll into shore. My skin and my entire body feel lighter, freer and more alive. I can sense the healing process both emotionally/mentally and physically start to take effect. Slowly, I take a breath and attune to the siren song as I bask in the sun and meditate.

I think sometimes people who live along the coasts or on islands take for granted their ability to be so close to the heart of Mother Nature's core. Those of us who are landlocked envy you.

Until next time ~



Estella said...

I live 20 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean in Southern Oregon. This summer you would freeze your behind off sitting by the ocean.

Cassandra said...

I love the ocean even when it's cold. I must be part mermaid. rofl. Did you know that where you live (approx.) is the setting for the first book in my Shifting Tides series? Yep. Beneath A Midnight Sea takes place on the Oregon Coast line. The Hero of that story is Destin MacCodrum, a selkie from Scotland looking to join a new colony near Seal Bay, but gets washed ashore a bit further north of there, due to a strange storm at sea and the attack of a great white shark...who happens to be the heroine in the final and third book in my trilogy. lol.

Heather said...

Cassandra, you would have approved of my first visit to the ocean, which included a dip in the North Sea. Good thing I have Viking blood in me, LOL. Since I love and have an affinity for water, it's a good thing I live in a city surrounded by it. We may be landlocked, but we are certainly not lacking in lakes and rivers!

Mary said...

I grew up in Redondo Beach, California and my family used to take me down to the beach just about every weekend when I was a kid. I really enjoyed it when the sun was just dipping below the horizon and the sand was getting cold. There's something magical about being on the beach at night, hearing the seagulls and the ocean lapping at the beach.