Sunday, May 14, 2006

Symbols of Prophecy Contest

In my short story ebook, Cup of Fate, Bryn Tuttle makes a fateful choice when she agrees to go yard sale shopping with her friend. The women discover a unique tea cup, one that can foretell the future…or so they are told. Inside the cup are 32 symbols, each representing and depicting an event or facet of the future. Some of the symbols are fairly easily to decode, but I warn you, they get progressively harder.

You must utilize all your cunning to decipher their meaning and win the prize!*

Starting tomorrow, Monday, May 15 through Thursday, June 15 I will post a different symbol each day, scattered on my website. The symbols are key to the magickal artifact known as The Cup of Fate. Everyone who guesses correctly from each day’s symbol, will be entered into the drawing for a magickal amulet made from white jasper and housed in a carved stone box with a Celtic protective symbol. The amulet is unique in all the world–a naturally formed triquetra (charmed symbol) appears on the stone.

The drawing will be held on Friday, June 16, 2006 and the winner announced that day here on my blog.

To enter, simply leave a comment stating your guess of what that day’s symbol depicts/means along with your name and email (your email will not be shown on the blog). You can only enter one guess per day per email address. Void where prohibited by law. Then remember to check back on June 16 and see if you are the winner!

Your adventure is about to begin! Enter the Fantasy!

*Updated note*
This contest is now closed and due to the nature of the contest, I've removed all of the hidden symbols to make room and make way for other neat stuff, so if you are looking for those symbols after June 17, 2006, they are no longer there.

**My website & blog underwent a total revamp in 2012 and all pictures of the winning prizes along with all the blog posts from my WordPress had to be deleted, so all comments are also gone. Sorry if this leads to any confusion.