Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Finds: Unbidden by Jill Hughey

UNBIDDEN by Jill Hughey
Book One in the Evolution Series

When the emperor chooses a husband for Rochelle, she tries to drive her betrothed away, but by the time she realizes she might want to keep him, she has been too successful and other forces are dividing them as well.

A whirling romance in the enchanting world of Charlemagne’s Empire. Rochelle of Alda, a feisty Frank noblewoman, expects to continue her industrious life managing her family’s estate. When her emperor summons her to the palace to meet the skilled soldier she is required to marry, Rochelle engages in a battle for independence from David of Bavaria. As her own deceptions multiply, she suspects another of also plotting against their marriage. To her surprise, and too late, David’s passion and patience begin to win her heart. Can their love survive the tangled web of her schemes and the secret adversary David refuses to see?

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Jill Hughey has loved historical romance since sneaking peeks at her mother's library years ago. She has enjoyed writing just as long. She prides herself on deep character development, and settings that take her readers on long, satisfying journeys to places they have probably never been in a book before.

Jill lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. Her hobby is singing lessons, in which she studies classical soprano and some lighthearted works. Unbidden was her first published work, and the series has continued with Redeemed and Vain, plus the short story Second Love: A Short Historical Romance Story.

Jill Hughey blogs at, is on Facebook at, and tweets @jillhughey.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Campfire Ghost Stories With Sizzle!

Just a reminder, this Wednesday, June 26th, is the Campfire Ghost Story event. The Storytelling starts at 5pm SLT (5pm pacific US; 8pm eastern US; 1am London)

When: Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 5pm SLT (8pm eastern)
Where: Bookstacks Campfire, Awen, SL

If you thought ghost stories were simply scary, think again, because authors Kimberly Troutte, Cassandra Curtis, Natasha Moore, Tawny Taylor, and Adrianna Dane blend sizzling passion into their haunted romances. Intended for a mature audience, 18+ over please. Event is in voice, so remember your headphones. You won't want to miss this spine-tingling storytelling event! 

To attend, you must have a Second Life account. To sign up for a free basic account, go to:

Excerpts from The Ghost of Goodacre Hall by Cassandra Curtis, Catch Me In Castile by Kimberley Troutte, Quinn’s Curse by Natasha Moore, Whisper by Adrianna Dane, and Sex And The Single Ghost by Tawny Taylor will be read.

The Ghost of Goodacre Hall
Cassandra Curtis

Matthew Lambert tried to run from his past, but when he decides to renovate an old house, he is forced to resurrect more than ghosts. Intrigued by the paranormal, Cadence Martin always loved Goodacre Hall. When she gets an invitation to attend the Victorian house’s grand opening as a B&B Inn, she decides to see if the new owners are aware they just inherited the resident ghost, her great-aunt Miriam.

Catch Me In Castile
Kimberley Troutte

Seeing dead people is bad enough. Loving him could make her one of them.

When the mother of all panic attacks prompts Erin Carter’s boss to pass her over for promotion, her mind doesn’t just crack. It explodes like an egg in a microwave, shattering her career along with the company car she crashes into the office building.

The death grip she’s kept on her sanity slipping, she takes a friend’s advice and flees to Spain. There she finds comfort in the healing arms of surgeon Santiago Botello—until a fifteenth-century ghost warns her that being with Santiago is dangerous, possibly even lethal.

Santiago has his hands full protecting his sister from a dark curse and his family from a very modern-day psychotic killer. The last thing he needs added to his plate is a neurotic American. Yet something about Erin tugs at his heart so hard he wants to wrap her in his arms and never let go. No matter the risk.

Erin’s attraction to Santiago makes her the killer’s next target. Survival means she must face her greatest fear, solve an ancient murder mystery—and hang on tight to the one man she’s fallen crazy in love with.

Quinn's Curse
Natasha Moore

Cursed to wander Logan Point, lusty pirate Nathaniel Quinn must resist the call of the sea. But nobody said anything about resisting a beautiful woman like Miranda Kent, the newest owner of the lighthouse. So what if their love is doomed? Doom is familiar territory for a ghost like Nathaniel....

Where do bad boys go when they die? If the bad boy is a pirate captain, he goes to shore.

Cursed to haunt dry land for three hundred years, forbidden to touch the ocean he loves, Nathaniel Quinn’s spirit lingers near the Logan Point Lighthouse until his sentence is served. All he wants is an end to the three hundred year curse so he can haunt the seas instead of the shores.

That’s all he wants, that is, until the day Miranda Kent buys the lighthouse with the intent to turn it into a bed and breakfast. She hopes the presence of a ghost will bring in the tourists, but Quinn has finally found a benefit to his time on land.

She can hear him. See him. Touch him. He may only have a short time remaining at the lighthouse, but at least now he can enjoy it like a sailor on shore leave.

But pleasure turns to impending pain as these doomed lovers discover they’re touching more than each other’s bodies. They’re touching each other’s hearts. The long-awaited end of Quinn’s shore curse might just mean a different kind of curse…

Because an eternity sailing the seas might also be an eternity separated from the woman he loves.

Adrianna Dane

Eden Trinity, viciously blinded by her jealous lover, survives to testify and send him to prison. But the trauma of his attack and her changed circumstance will take time to heal. Solitary retreat to a small cottage in Raven's Cove brings her some sense of desperate peace. Until the night she has a vision of a murder, and a seductive ghost seeks to soothe her desperate fears.

How could the spirit of a man murdered long ago ignite the passion she'd been certain was dead? Vengeance keeps him chained, will her love set him free? Danger and desire seem to lurk at every turn and not everything is what it seems. Will the erotic whispers from the past succeed where her lover failed--and woo her to her death?

Sex And The Single Ghost
Tawny Taylor

Nine years ago, Claire Weiss died, which put a serious crimp in her plans. Now, she's caught in Purgatory, waiting for that Big Day when she can reanimate and return to earth and have sex at last! Nine whole days of chocolate! Cute shoes! A real beer! And, most important of all, a chance to reconnect with the object of her long-denied lust, hunky Jake Faron. The minute she materializes in front of her favorite old haunt, er, bar, Devil's Night - complete in Halloween get-up of lingerie and high-heeled mules - she locks eyes with Jake, who is as hunky as ever.

Hard-muscled body? Check. Bone-melting smile? Check. Big...hands? Check, check, check. Goodbye, Purgatory - Hel-looo, heaven. The rules are that Claire has nine days to investigate her mysterious death, solve the crime, and do good deeds for others (not as easy as it seems, people) before returning to Purgatory. But she also has nine hot, steamy nights to do absolutely everything she's ever dreamed about doing with Jake. And that's a good thing, because not only does Jake have a secret that could change her whole afterlife, but he's perfectly capable of showing a love-struck ghost plenty of heaven on earth...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Finds: Through The Wall by Keri Ford

Through The Wall 
by Keri Ford

She doesn’t want wild and raunchy, just a little spice…

He wants commitment and long-term, not a quick roll…

Two best friends who both want each other, but for very different reasons.

The walls are thin in the Apple Trail Apartments. Ever since she moved in after her divorce, Stephanie has listened to her best friend next door getting busy. By the bed knocking on the wall and the gasping women, Stephanie wants to be one of those women on the other side. She just has to get the courage up to ask.

The only woman Parker Madison ever wanted long-term was the very-married Stephanie. He’s tried finding a substitute, but there just isn’t another woman like her. Now that she's available, he just has to keep his hands to himself for a respectable length of time after her divorce. He’s planning to make a move after eight months. Stephanie takes him by surprise after three. Does he fulfill her request and risk becoming that best friend rebound guy or wait it out to better his chances for happily ever after?

Available FREE at the following online ebook retailers:






About The Author:

Keri Ford was raised in South Arkansas on a farm surrounded by family, horses, cows, donkeys, ostriches, emus, chickens, ducks, Canadian Geese, and enough dogs one would think they were a pound; and then she bought a Cosmopolitan when she was twenty-two. All it took was one excerpt of a sexy romantic suspense and her life would never be the same. Well, parts of it. She still lives on that farm.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Super Prize AAD Contest Has Started

WMC friend and author S.A. Price has confirmed —  
The Big HUGE AAD package raffle has Started!!!

If you've never been to AAD conference and have always wanted to go, here is your chance!

You can get 6 offerings from 6 amazing authors for 99 cents!

And whats better? Every book bought is an entry to the raffle to win one HELL of an Amazing prize!

Whats the prize?

An AUTHORS AFTER DARK PACKAGE! (including Registration and Room for 5 nights, parking if needed and some cool hotel goodies) and entry to a special “invitation only” party!

So what are the books you need to buy to get the Max (30) entries for the books?

Entwined By Fate by S. A. Price

The Blood and the Vow by Saranna DeWylde

Lucas by Eliza Gayle

Naughty Nibbles Anthology by Cara North

Sexy Shifters Box Set by Amanda Bonilla

Jaguar’s Rule by TJ Michaels

RULES: All book Receipts must be sent to With the Subject: AAD PACKAGE ENTRY (NAME OF BOOK).

All books must be bought between June 17 and June 22nd.
(They cannot accept any previously bought work)

Now the fine Print: Winner pays their own transportation and any gratuities, taxes and room service on the room. This prize cannot be transferred and MUST be used for the 2013 convention year. This prize has NO CASH VALUE and cannot be turned in for monetary compensation. In the event that the winner cannot use the prize, the prize will be awarded to another name on the list.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Special: Deadly Reservations with Denise Fleischer

Deadly Reservations
by Denise Fleischer

When a fallen angel is determined to claim Earth as his own realm, Archangel Michael has to stop him before he achieves his goal. Unable to venture to the planet caught in global warming and endless crimes, he sends his daughter, Zoe, to become a psychic detective and a hunter of fallen angels.

By day, Zoe is a lifestyle editor in a small town known as Mt. Lisle, Illinois. At night, you’ll find her deep into her agency’s investigations. If her life isn’t difficult enough with a computer filled with missing people cases, in walks Special Agent Brian Novelli informing her that she’s been recruited by the F.B.I. to hunt down a man responsible for buying small town America and murdering anyone that gets in the path of his goals. All the F.B.I. has is a name: Mathias and an artificial intelligence to assist in tracking him down.

This paranormal thriller reads like a behind-the-scenes psychic investigation in tracking Mathias and what it’s like for Zoe to work on other cases along the way. It explores telepathy, astral and physical portation, visions, angels, the use of AI’s and remote viewing.

DEADLY RESERVATIONS By Denise Fleischer | ArcheBooks Publishing | June 2013 | 264 pages | Hardcover and ebook


About the Author 

Denise Fleischer is the Lifestyle Editor of the Journal & Topics Newspapers in Des Plaines, IL. She writes human interest articles for various communities and processes copy for the majority of the paper’s special sections. She was the publisher of Gotta Write Network LitMag for 36 issues. Her novels include “The Guardian” and “Altar of Freedom” (Port Town Publishing), which are time travel/paranormal/SF. “Deadly Reservations” is the first in a new series focusing on a psychic and homicide detective and their secret identities. For four years, Fleischer hosted a virtual chat on Second Life interviewing writers, artists and musicians.  She writes for Metaverse Tribune and Unforgettable magazine. She is currently writing the sequel to “Deadly Reservations” entitled “The Sharp Edge of Truth.”

Monday, June 17, 2013

Campfire Ghost Stories Event

Cassandra's Story Hour and Bookstacks present:

Campfire Ghost Stories With Sizzle!

When: Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 5pm SLT (8pm eastern)
Where: Bookstacks Campfire, Awen, SL

If you thought ghost stories were simply scary, think again, because authors Kimberly Troutte, Cassandra Curtis, Natasha Moore, Tawny Taylor, and Adrianna Dane blend sizzling passion into their haunted romances. Intended for a mature audience, 18+ over please. Event is in voice, so remember your headphones. You won't want to miss this spine-tingling storytelling event! 

To attend, you must have a Second Life account. To sign up for a free basic account, go to:

Excerpts from The Ghost of Goodacre Hall by Cassandra Curtis, Catch Me In Castile by Kimberley Troutte, Quinn’s Curse by Natasha Moore, Whisper by Adrianna Dane, and Sex And The Single Ghost by Tawny Taylor will be read.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Finds: How To Woo… A Reluctant Bride

How To Woo… A Reluctant Bride
(Romantic Historical Short Story)
by Lyndi Lamont

A marriage contract, nothing more...until darkly handsome Evan Channing and demure Lydia Blatchford meet. Yet the rules are simple for an arrangement such as theirs. There should be no misunderstanding, no illusions of anything more.

But the rules are about to change when Evan is gifted with an intriguing copy of the Kama Sutra.  He sets out to win his high-born bride, blending seductive heat with exotic lessons in love-making. With a little help from Sir Richard Burton's new, provocative translation of ancient wisdom on seduction and arousal, the cold marriage bed of an arranged union is about to combust into a blazing flame of desire.

(Previously published under the title Love… By the Book)

Read an excerpt:




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Featured in Unforgettable Ezine!

Cool News! Unforgettable ezine did a feature on yours truly and it's in issue no.4 which is available at a virtual SL kiosk near you. Pick up a copy today. :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Finds Times Two: Wild For You and No Glass Between Them

Today I have two Friday Finds for readers!

Wild for You is Book One in Sophia Knightly's popular Tropical Heat Series where passion and suspense collide in an unexpected way...

To Love, Honor and Protect

Detective Clay Blackthorne has his hands full when he promises to safeguard an old college pal's sister without letting her know what he's up to. He never imagines that lively Marisol Calderon will knock his socks off and put a ring on his finger--and all at his suggestion! Their marriage of convenience is meant to protect her and Clay doesn't plan on being hitched for long to the tempting beauty. But the honeymoon sure feels real to him...

Sassy Marisol is used to doing whatever she wants--and right now her plan is to shake up the hot detective's hard-edged demeanor. But the fun turns to danger when a mystery stalker bent on marrying her marks her as his prey. Temporarily becoming Clay's wife seems like a practical way to thwart the stalker. But as passion ignites and Marisol falls for the tender heart buried beneath the tough detective's chest, Clay's true identity is revealed and she begins to wonder who--if anyone--she can trust...

Buy link:
Twitter:  @sophiaknightly
99 Cents sale dates - now through Sunday, June 9, 2013

No Glass Between Them is a Friday first as it's F/F erotic romance. I especially think my male readers will enjoy this walk on the Femme side. ;-) Enjoy.

No Glass Between Them 
(Book one in the Sturdy Accountant series)

by Eva Lefoy

Alyce visits Club Paradise every Friday night where she leases a private room and watches her dream woman dance. The dark-haired beauty Contessa fuels her every fantasy, but Alyce realizes she’ll never meet her in person. When a mysterious note requests her presence at the Desert Wind Hotel, she’s shocked to find she’s come face-to-face with Contessa. With a wall of glass between them no more, will Alyce give in to the temptation to make her dreams a reality?

 Excerpt Link

Available at:



BARNES & NOBLE (coming soon)

About the author:

Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.

Eva online:
Amazon Author Page:

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Don't forget to LIKE my author page if you haven't already. Once I get to 150 LIKES, I'll make one of my backlist ebooks FREE. If I get to 200 LIKES, I'll make two of my backlist ebooks FREE!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Eighth Season Starts Tonight

Those who follow my blog know one of my favorite shows is AGT (America's Got Talent). I admit part of my attraction to the show is seeing Howie Mandel squirm a little every time someone attempts touching him, but also I like Howard Stern. Why? Honestly I have no clue. He's crass, arrogant, opinionated, and (on his own show) vulgar. But more importantly, and say it with me: He's the King of All Media. :D  Actually, I find myself nodding with Howard's assessment of most acts on the show, last year's ball buster act withstanding. If I had to speculate, I'd say I like Howard because he "tells it like it is" and isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in, screw the consequences, and that's powerful stuff these days.

I also used to like Sharon Osbourne, and still do, but since she left the show, I admit I'm worried about the chemistry with this new line-up of Mel B. and Heidi Klum. I'm not sure if the producers picked the right people (took 2 to replace Sharon). Since so many of the acts are dancers, I think it would have been better to have a choreographer as judge. Yes, I know Mel B. (formerly known as Scary Spice) is a dancer and singer, but is she known for her choreography? I don't think so. That said, I think of the two, Heidi Klum was truly the most miscast. How can a fashion model/TV Fashion show judge accurately judge variety acts or singers?

I'm sure I'll be watching tonight, but will AGT be able to keep me and the rest of their fans watching throughout the summer? Debatable. American Idol lost me years ago with judges' antics/bickering/revolving door bullshit. It seems AGT is ready to follow the same course, but we'll find out in due time if they've hit on a winning formula.

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays 8/7c on NBC.