Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Generation Gone

Dad and Mum with one of their race horses. Circa 1954.

These last few days I've been at my mother's small apartment, going through photos and other belongings...all her little treasures.

Even the most mundane of things, an address book, held hidden glimpses into my mother's daily life. With each new discovery, I felt both excitement and sadness. Today is the final moving day.

All her precious items, now boxed and marked, must be moved to someone's house or garage, to be sifted through yet again. My unasked for winter project is now scanning all her photos into my computer so I can burn CD's for all the family. Some I will print out and others will require special care and retouching, like a rare photo of my great grandmother I didn't realize mum had kept safe in one such album.

As I looked through some 50 photo albums and 75 envelope packets of photos, I came to a harsh realization. My mother was the very last of her generation in my family and now my sisters and I are the oldest generation.

I thought of what my mother must have felt as her sisters and brothers passed before her, her husband passing too. And I looked upon my sisters and knew we too would go through the same thing, as each of us passes into shadow and leaves behind the next generation. I can only hope that they will be as proud of the long line they come from as I have been, and that they share more than the physical family traits passed down through the centuries. I hope they also share the magick and the love.

Monday, November 8, 2010

With Sadness...

Dear friends and readers, Cassandra's mother passed away early this morning, so understandably she will be taking time off to be with her family. Many thanks for all your prayers during this trying time.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making 'Lemonade' from the Lemons of Life

Mother's stroke left her weak on the left side. But now they think she also has pneumonia. Last night I sat reading to her from one of her favorite books, Gold Star Wife by L.K. Campbell. Her other favorite author is Karen Marie Moning.

I think being able to escape into a good book can be the very best therapy. :)

So I'm taking a big box of books and promo goodies up to the hospital today for the nursing staff and patients.

Who knows, it might generate future sales for my books and the books of my friends, in addition to helping someone pass the time as they heal. :)

Yeah, I know—I am such an Aquarian. lol.

Love, light, and laughter to all,

Monday, November 1, 2010

I may be scarce for a while...

To all my online friends and readers:

I may be scarce online for a while as my mother's situation has deteriorated. She had a stroke today. Her left side was affected. In the meanwhile, all the family is coming in town to see her and I will be trying to coordinate hotels, flights, etc. Often acting as driver, general errand girl, and all around troubleshooter.

If anyone needs anything regarding the Midnight Moon Cafe, please contact Cora Zane at corazane @

I will try to pop in and update when I can. Be good to each other. ((hugs))